Saturday, March 07, 2009

a little bird told me V

image: nevver
Nicolas Kirkwood on shoe religion.
"I always wanted to make shoes that were the Antichrist to pretty pumps and kitten heels."

Dre is God according to Alexa Chung.
"I look up Dre on YouTube daily to practise so that I can wow people at karaoke."

Wise words from Sophia Kokosalaki .
"Never experiment with an outfit before a big occasion- I'd go with something tried and tested."

Stephen Jones on French Milinary.
"It is more chic and hard edged, as soon as you put a flower on a hat, they say how English!"

Iekeliene Stange on her style.
"I don't take things too seriously and wish people could have more fun with how they dress. I like to get into a different character every day…it's fun to play around..I love to make people smile when I walk down the street."

Don't stress, Giorgio Armani.
"I thrive on pressure, but I also know that I'm a workaholic and that get's in the way of my personal life."

Lily Donaldson on who inspires her.
"My Mum. She is one of the bravest women I know."

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld thanks Alexander Wang for her present on his Facebook wall.
"Thank you for the bag!!!! I absolutely LOVE it and going to wear it right away!!! Big kiss!"

We love Jen Brill. And Jen Brill loves sweets.
"My favourite candy is Nerd Ropes"



Helen said...

i love iekelina stange! people should be more fun with their clothes!

Lola-Elise said...

i never knew Dre was an inspiration to Alexa Chung! hehe..

cool blog makes me smile.. <3
please check out my new blog..

Lola. X

Anonymous said...

love these posts, they make me smile!

chloe said...

hehe, i agree with jayne, this is so fun! x

zoë said...

terrific post, as always !

Irene (capuccinobar) said...

Iekeline is greattttttttttttt

May Kasahara said...

nerd ropes!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

now that put a smile on my face! :)

A. said...

i seriously love these posts so much.

the jen brill one! is erm...brill!!

hee! much love my love xxxx

Anna Pope said...

I love these kinds of posts! Iekeliene and Lily's quotes - so nice!

jessica said...

yesss, i love these posts !!!
(i'm usually not a fan of putting three exclamation marks, but you know, you deserve them)

but whoa since when is alexa so obsessed with dr dre ? im not being hyperbolic when i say that she mentions him in pretty much all of her recent interviews .
& nerd ropes :] :] :]

& jamaica was aaawesome, thanks for asking .
but since we didn't stay in a resort, we rented our own house, so we saw the city more ... which entailed seeing the impoverished state the city (negril) was in .
all the stray dogs were emaciated and pregnant, goats walked the roads freely, and the street vendors reeked of weed .
oh but now it seems bad ... it was actually an amazing trip ! the private beach helped .. i don't love seeing other people in their bathing suits. well, when said people are middle-aged quebecers donning gold medallions and speedos ... i shudder .
anyways ! it was great :]


Miss at la Playa said...

you have Julia and Alexander as friends in Facebook? you lucky girl... haha

Anonymous said...

Spana in vår härliga dag på Borås största, bästa och snyggaste blogg!

Flavia Flanders said...

fantastic =D

Anonymous said...

HEy, really like your atmosphere and your blog!
hope maybe you will like our blog it's all new....

speechless_fashion said...

pleaseee more quotes!!can't get enough!

Style On Track said...

I love quotes, particularly these ones, they are so quirky :D

Anonymous said...

Love the quotes! x

dirtyflaws said...

this was rad xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous collection of quotes hun, I totally get where alexa is coming from, it's taken me so long to learn the words to some Tupac songs but I can seriously blow people away hahaha .xx

jessica said...

oh ps, i like that photo .


Valeria said...

loveee the quotes, and love Iekeline Stange, her style is so fun and daring!

-Valerie <3

nadeshiko-millennium said...

fabulous post! such great quotes, and that image is captivating.

. said...

i love this post especially the photo - i was wondering where it was from originally? or who the photographer is?