Tuesday, March 31, 2009

whatever you think of her

willa holland
forever dancing to and fro, back and forth over the hipster chalk line and sometimes into "actually, she's quiet cool" territory in my mind. but she is actually doing something with herself at the moment, so I don't feel bad thinking about her..

Describe your style?
I go with the mantra ‘what feels good, looks good’. I like long floaty clothes that don’t restrict me, and I live in flat boots. I love Sienna Miller’s look, especially when she went all 1960s after filming Factory Girl.

What’s your wardrobe staple?
Right now, my black leather jacket. It’s by a label called S.W.O.R.D. When it’s raining in LA it is never off my back.

Which designer would you go to for a red carpet gown?
Stella McCartney. I fell in love with a brown and gold silk dress by her that I wore for the launch of Genova at the London Film Festival. It was only on loan but, boy, did I want to keep it! It was worth a fortune, so it’s probably fair enough that I had to send it back.

source: daily mail (eugh), the fashion spot


Ella Gregory said...

I love how the Daily Mail gets an ergh after - so funny.

And I know what you mean about her, she's kind of cool, but then I'm like 'but she was sooooo annoying in the O.C'

And yeah I noticed the airport post. Funny thing is I was on there looking for inspiration myself and all I got was one of my past ideas.

x x x

Unknown said...

Love her.

Cindy said...

i hope we see good things from her. i find her charming and very pretty. i hope she turns out to be a genuine talent and not some forced cool kid trying too hard to "make it".

Anonymous said...

she's always intrigued me, thanks for the interview

Anonymous said...

i don't actually know anything about her, except that she was on gossip girl

hannah-rose said...

she treads a fine line... a FINE LINE. i mean, sometimes i am smitten, and she is stunningly beautiful, as opposed to some of the other 'hipsters' who i think are quite plain. but then again, the whole hipster thing in general just makes my blood boil.

ugghh... another debate about willa, yet again unresolved. i hate that i'm so indecisive about her! i can be pretty cut throat about other things!