Wednesday, April 08, 2009

what the f to wear? a step by step guide to overcoming your style demons

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above: highly rotated outfit from my newly refined wardrobe
tee; h&m (knotted), denim jacket, skirt & shoes; vintage, straw bag & clubmasters; topshop

Last month was a little depressing for me style wise; it involved me losing my style mojo for a good two weeks and having 30 consecutive bad hair days. I seem to have emerged with some kind of "survivor" mentality, preaching about how I got through the dark days and evangelically urging people that everyone goes through a rough style patch.

Feeling both bemused by what had happened and bloody pissed off, I decided to give my wardrobe a long overdue clearout. This involved creating a couple of piles;

1. the favourite pieces that I honestly know I wear.
2. the more ruthless pile.
made up of items that I may love but that realistically could be boxed away or given to friends as loans until they can be reworked into my everyday wardrobe.

All the crap was removed from my closet; old essays, editorial clippings, so that all that was left was strictly clothe related. Shoes were stacked, bags were hung and just to really conform to obsessive compulsive stereotypes I colour coordinated my new "capsule wardrobe".

So there we have it, as part of my survivor mentality, I felt it paramount to share this very wise information with you (because no one has ever considered sorting their wardrobe!) and to remind you that if you too are drowning in the depths of loss of inspiration, there is light at the end of the tunnel neck sweater.


joy said...

I recently did this to my closet. My boyfriend is out of town so I have a little more free time. I purged all the things that i no longer wear or "special ocassion" garments from my closet.
It is a great feeling. And although I might have the same style as most featured on it revitalized my style for sure.
this is a great article that I will share with friends

Sophia said...

I feel like I'm going through a similar fashion drought. Everything feels rather blah in my closet and, even though I have crazy pretty ideas in my head, what actually ends up on my body feels uninspired, ya know? Perhaps I need to purge the closet a bit. Is there light at the end of the turtle neck? I sure darn hope so! Turtlenecks make me vom a bit.

Great post. Cheers!

Meghan and Lana said...

There's nothing better than getting rid of all that crap you bought because you "might wear it a million years from now." Sometimes when I want to go shopping all I have to do is throw a bunch of crap away and do my laundry (much cheaper, though less fun).

Last summer when I went to the beach for a few months I only took a bag of stuff and dressed so much more creatively than I do with an overflowing closet at my disposal.

Somehow, no matter how many times I purge my closet, it fills up again. Oh well, that's part of the fun, I guess.

xo Lana

Anonymous said...

i have been doing this slowly for about 6 or 7 months and did full on final last month. I should have boxed away more stuff because now i can feel that i miss things, but just cannot remember what those items were. blast! ahh, but it is nice to have the words refined and closet used together. i remember when my wardrobe consisted of a pile on the ground and like three unworn thing in the closet...yuck! :)

Alice X said...

i LLOOOVE what you are wearing here, it's soo cute:)

Meghan and Lana said...

aw you look lovely, stevie. i love outfits that i never second guess, throw them on in the morning and wear them all day.
you have officially inspired me to rid of half my closet! i'm now implementing a new rule: i won't buy anything unless i've gotten rid of something. who needs 35 tshirts anyway?


Anonymous said...

Woop woop! I'm feeling uninspired as well right now... The fact that I sit next to Julia Frakes every day doesn't help matters much either. I try to pick out my outfit before I go to bed but I usually decide against it again as soon as I get up. Aaaarrrrgghhhh. Congrats on coming out the other side.

Lainey said...

You look amazing. I'm sorry you went through that style rut. I've gone through so many of those situations myself. But it looks like you're back on. I absolutely love your skirt! Very spring.

lady stardust said...

I'm considering doing that to my own closet,.
But I'm pretty broke at the moment, so I wouldn't have much clothes left xD
I was also thinking having a clothes swap with friends ,
Cute outfit:)


WendyB said...

That's a whole lot of bad hair days!

Maddy said...

I love this outfit you are wearing!

I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

ty x.

Unknown said...

i feel like a closet overhaul right now. i really just want to pare my closet down to simple, classic pieces, and work with those, while eventually integrating more complicated layers as time goes on.

but who knows, i change my mind all too often. and i'm so attached to even the most bizarre pieces. but you're very convincing!!!

jessica said...

yay !
style rejuvenation .

you look aweeesome :)
im in mtl right now and im doing a helluva lot of shopping , so hopefully ill be able to get out of my rut too :)

Rebeca Muinelo said...

Love the skirt!! (L)

SOS! said...

i agree on the bad hair days bit!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Anonymous said...

I love your style!!!

Alya said...

my closet needs a long awaited cleaning too!

Anonymous said...

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Emma Lavelle said...

good idea! i went through mine the other day and now have a rail of dresses organised into colour like a rainbow :)

Is that your door painted like a blackboard? What's written on it? Amazing!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I still have a bunch of clothes that I need to get rid but the problem is that most of them are impulse buys and they're almost brand new so I'm thinking of selling them but that means, I'm going to have to keep them until they sells and yet I'm buying more crap. It's a neverending process!

A. said...

my thoughts exactly these past few weeks.

its always hard for me to get into a new style groove each season. i always get horribly stumped when the weather warms up.

& with my two trips coming up (!) i seem to look in my closet & have nothing in the least bit suitable to wear.

so i will definitely take your tips & see what i can do with them...

i love this though! you look just as lovely as ever! the denim + floral + strawness is exactly the look im going for this spring.

& are those my cards i see? hehe

love you, miss you much!


young-shields said...

ugh i am going through such a similar phase!

thank you for l'inspiration, i hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel neck sweater myself asap!

y-s x

sula bay said...

oh wow
love ure blog
ure gorgeous :]

fauxfauxreal said...

bravo on cleaning your closet and getting through the drought. :-)

An (ex) alien in new york said...

How brilliant! Love the outfit. My closet just accumulates, because I create a different capsule every time I pack for school (living in foreign countries,a nd then packing for exam season at a boarding school). I never throw anything out. Except when I move house, which is, to be fair, every two and a half years.

home girl said...

yay my fav type of DC post! sorry its taken so long to check it out - have been on hols. great to get some more insight into your personal style and surroundings - just like snooping on chloe (great post)! love the floral and denim mix, esp the tied up waist, that skirt totally showcases your long legs