Monday, April 06, 2009

schools out

it's the first day of the easter holidays and I am feeling typically excited by the fortnight outstretched ahead of me although I know it will be filled with revision and preparation for my graphic design exam. i've combatted the seriousness of college work with a silly little video of antics with my girl mates, day and night. i'm posting it here a.) because I'm feeling egotistic and think it's cool and b.) think you should create something similar, because it's easy as pie and it's amazing what can look good when you pair it with a soundtrack.

i've created a checklist for possible moments of holiday boredom.

+make a video of your friends traipsing around town.

+watch rear window by alfred hitchcock

+condition your hair and don't wash it out until the next day

+pot some plants for your bedroom

+ make your way through that pile of handwashing

+ go and see a film you know nothing about

+ visit a shop you'd never thought to go into

+ spend too much time watching ukulele videos on youtube

+ have a wardrobe clearout. colour coordinate. store away the old shit.

+send a mate a letter.

+make homemade popcorn.

ps, shoutout to abby who I would totally love to have had in the video with a post-it on her forehead too!


jessica said...

you lucky lucky girl .
i wish i were on vacation like you .
bbuuut instead i have a 7pg essay due on why rwanda is a failed state .
ohhh boy .

Annie said...

totally in love with your holiday checklist. i only have four more days of school until break, so i'll try all those things out!

tyler. said...

My break doesn't start till Thursday.
Bleh =[

I already have Lavendar planted under my windowsill.

Anna G said...

I have finally clean and organized my closet. I still have way to much stuff but it's nice to get rid of some crap.

A. said...

aww, this was the cutest thing ever! your friends are all so pretty & have lovely style.

was that post it game ala marie antoinette?

im going to have to film one now when i'm up with lizzy, no? & when im with tyler in nyc for the kills (!)

& i alwaysalways love your little checklists of things to do. you inspire me like no other!

one day, one day we'll be making vlogs together like raych & ted, haha!


enjoy your break lovey.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love everything on your checklist...I definitely need to story away all my old clothes, they're been piling up and taking way too much of my bedroom space.

Natalie said...

I got off a week and a half ago but still no work done :( Cool post and good music choice. :)

Anonymous said...
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home girl said...

this is gorgeous! the girls are mesmerising, so chic and spunky (in aussie that means hot). was really hoping someone would turn the cammera on stevie, more stevie! hope u have a great holiday xx

thatscharm said...

I LOVE your blog!

Bianca said...

love your blog, great video.

the crumpet girls