Sunday, April 19, 2009

nora arnezeder

just a cool girl..
in a "i just happen to be stunningly modelish" kind of way.


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pics; bella howard for jalouse


Anonymous said...

she has such a naturalness about her. LOVELY ! x

jessica said...

oh yeah, those type of people .
i am so envious .

ellie said...

fresh..yet so natural indeed. a lot like Canadian air.

hannah-rose said...

oh one of my friends is like that... euuurrghhh. it makes me jealous and proud all at the same time haha.


Rosa said...

love it!

love your blog...realy amazing!
exchange links?

lara <3

Mash said...

she makes me jealous , i wish i was her

Anonymous said...


Alice X said...

who is this model? she's PERFECTION.