Friday, August 28, 2009

filippa berg


Filippa berg; muse to Lover, blogger for Swedish ELLE and all round general regular on the Stockholm fashion scene. she's also a living and breathing homage to whichever era may take her fancy. a modest flapper dress here, perhaps a modern twist on the 1940s Katherine Hepburn androgynous look there. Add some John Lennon glasses and a collection of cutesy straw hats and you have a human museum of style through the ages.

Why don't you take a scout around her blog here. Who knows, you may pick up some ideas. Or in the very least a little Swedish..


Siru said...

it may not look like it but when speaken true swedish sounds almost like French-ish.

juliet xxx

- metallic . said...

louis vuitton knockers!

Isabel said...

She's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

her hat is fantastic

daisy kate said...

I adore lover! This collage is great too. I really like your blog, I'm a follower :) if you get a chance, please take a look at mine :)

Anonymous said...
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lydia said...

oh my GOD she's amazing!!! that flapper ensemble is just perfect.

alackofcolour said...

i want those sunglasses!
great entry below, i do love my rings.
and if your wanting to come to reykjavik you should do it next summer! the summers are beautiful here.
winter is cold but if you manage to see the northern lights its worth it!
great blog

All Women Stalker said...

She's pretty. Love the John Lennon glasses.


Gem said...

Haha great post, she's a babe!

Gem said...

PS - lovely to meet you the other night! xx

Tracey Ellle said...


Anonymous said...

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fuschiaaa said...

Woah she's great!

A. said...

nothing serves quite like a swede for inspiration.

havent been through her blog in ages, will do so tonight.