Thursday, August 06, 2009



I mentioned last week; the blogging brainchild of Elisa and Lily who, armed with a video camera go through the wardrobes of creative New Yorkers and give us a slither of insight into each individual's style.

Legacy is the latest "case study" to have caught my eye, and her collection of clothes is as envy inspiring as her badass name. Look out for her feather-print peplem dress and her wrap dress; evidence that the Diana Von Furstenberg look can work for people besides 40+ Upper East Siders.


Anonymous said...

That's such a great idea!

Make Do Style said...

The wrap dress looked fab on her!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this
thanks for sharing, such a fun and insightful video

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lydia said...

i adore this! she's so cute. that ballet costume is to die for.

Chelsea Rae said...

She's adorable. I love how her closet is pretty much all simply-cut vintage finds with amazing patterns and prints.

Also, I think is going to be one of my new favorite sites.