Monday, August 31, 2009


Pssst! there's a sale on over at Lover! All of these lovely pieces have been reduced, so now you may channel your inner sailor/ french schoolgirl/ midwest farmer/ dowdy librarian to your heart's desire and still have some leftover pennies in your purse. Hurrah!


littlemolly said...

ah god I love LOVER so so much!

I did their press when I was in New York this spring and we had all the samples, the clothes fit so well and I loooove the lookbooks. How are you my love?

Unknown said...

ooooooooooh im gonna go and check it out now xoxox

Anonymous said...

i love lover shops
thanks for sharing
super cute

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Anonymous said...

omg I have actually been looking everywhere for overalls..

Rohini said...

Does Lover have the adorable clothes or what? Love the last two shorts. :)


hippyhippychic said...

the layout of this post reminds me of cut-out clothes, you know the one with tabs that you glue onto paper dolls
(: x

Jules said...

Thanks for sharing. These are such a great stuff. =D Have a great day ahead. =D

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yes i bought the black tote bag last week. the best! so happy with it. the perfect bag for school books. makes me want to go to school ha xx