Monday, August 24, 2009

russh issue 30

fancy a leaf through the latest issue of russh magazine? i know i do.
two days until the issue drops.
in Oz that is; good luck to the rest of us getting our hands on a copy!


Charlotte said...

Excuse my ignorance, but is Russh only in Australia?? I didn't realise how lucky I am, I love that magazine..

Hope you find a copy..

Marnie said...

I've always taken Russh for granted somewhat, but now I think I am truly appreciative of the luxury I have in being able to simply walk down to my local newsagent and pick up a copy.
Oh my, i'm feeling a little patriotic.
Good luck finding a copy!!

Anonymous said...

It looks so good!

Hons and Rebels said...

My favourite magazine! I'm so eager to get my hands on this.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I so miss RUSSH and Frankie! is there any english equivalent?

pia said...