Friday, October 23, 2009

the shorts suit


Anything that has a Virginia McKenna in
'Born Free' kind of vibe is alright in my book.
Which is why I've fallen just a teeny weeny bit in love with this
Arnsforf shirt and short set. Perhaps not entirely weather appropriate for now, but come Spring it'll be just perfect. What's even more splendid is that if you're unable to find $360 down the back of the sofa (because that's how much it'll cost in aus dollars), you can quite easily recreate the look for yourself with shorts and shirts from the charity shop. Maybe an alternating coloured set for each day of the week? From dusty pink on monday right through to pillarbox red on sunday, I dare you.



Daisy said...

Born free - cutee!

nadeshiko-millennium said...

your images are enchanting!

Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

Ah yeah, that is a fabulous film, haven't seen it in years! The outfit is definitely similar to the kind of things she wore in that role but I'm fast running out of sunny days to wear such combinations! Having to break out the thick tights more and more now.

Anonymous said...

these are adorable, and i love the colors

KP said...

v cool images xx

Unknown said...

most inspiring post ever! =)
I dont think my bum would look too good in those shorts, though =(

Pearl Westwood said...

Oooh I was obsessed with Born Free when I was little, I really, really wanted lions!

Sarah Kate said...

omg that was my favourite movie as a kid!

me and my brothers and sister would watch it over and over on tape haha

Awesome blog :)

Sarah Miller said...

Just found your blog (loving it) and was having a little looksie around... anyways... this stuff's on sale now! you should check out the site again... quite a bit cheaper :-) and with the pound to dollar conversion, you're laughing!