Tuesday, October 13, 2009

that autumn haze

Today I woke up from one of those perfectly vivid dreams that you wish more than anything could be real.

And was about to hold a grudge against the day for making it end until I opened my curtain and saw the city under a thick breath of morning mist with the autumn sun blazing through.

And it made me think of this Ryan McGinley editorial and then it was impossible to be mad.

image, the fashion spot
w magazine june 2007
kate moss by ryan mcginley
I know my blogging has been minimal lately, but for the first time ever I can put my hand on my heart and truly say that I'm putting academics first. Getting started on the university application process and my time is being spent scrawling ideas for a personal statement and pretending that aren't unread issues of Fantastic Man magazine and Vogue over in the corner.
I'm missing posting though so will be back asap!


MJ said...

Writing my personal statement was hell, I remember. Where are you thinking of applying? I love the little bit of prose at the top!


Gem said...

Good luck with your personal statement! They are a nuisance.
Remember to just be yourself and definitely mention the blog. They'll be super impressed! xo

FLORENCE. said...

how weird I posted this editorial just the other day!
personal statements need to die...


Hannah said...

god i hate writing personal statements - hopefully blogging has taught you things about yourself.

beautiful pictures.


KP said...

gorgeous-I adore them both! xx

lydia said...

mmm i love those misty autumn mornings.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous picture.

Stephanie said...

Love Kate Moss and this photo. And I'm applying to colleges right now too and it's such an exhausting process. Good luck!


A. said...

oh, autumn. i am so in love with you.

i think that we have a stronger connection with the seasons we were born into, yes?


Carol Jeandel said...

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Faith said...

erm i dunno what personal statements are but i'm going to guess they're like the essays we have to write over here...which is blegh
your application process is different...we apply in winter of senior year&spend time finger's crossed haha&find out in spring
good luck with the process!!
i find that uni is waaaaay more time consuming than i thought

All Women Stalker said...

No problem about the minimal posting. School is important. :) Good luck with the applications!


måsh måsh said...

what are you thinking of studying?

it's always interesting to know what people are going into.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to do in uni? Good luck!


NADINE said...

oo how i looooveee this editoral! thanks for reminding me of that!

great blog!


hippyhippychic said...

love this dreamy photo.
eugh personal statements, what a drag.
i think just a link to this blog would be enough to prove yourself to any unis.

honeynettles.blogspot.com said...

Lovely editorial! One of the few times when that much image manipulation actually works out. Best of luck on the statement!

discotheque confusion said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments; at the risk of sounding like a gushy Miss World contestant they really made me smile!

For those of you wondering what I'm studying; I'm hoping to take American Studies. Though there are also American and Canadian Studies courses which sound interesting. Basically anything that delves into the history, literature, arts and culture gets the thumbs up from me.

Some people are surprised I'm not taking fashion as it's what I want to do career wise but I want to do something a bit more academic at uni, esp as plenty of people working in the industry don't have strict fashion degrees.

But thanks for all being cool about the lack of posting, I've got a couple of things in the works but it's all very busy! xxx

Anonymous said...

I really miss those misty autumn mornings! Even now in October we are having kind of summer days here in Spain!

The Portmanteau said...

Love this W editorial - one of my faves.