Monday, October 05, 2009

mid monday daydreaming

Missing New York even more after talking about the city to a friend on the phone last night.
He told me he broke into Central Park Zoo. But was promptly kicked out, which made me laugh.
I'm scrimping and saving and my fund is growing at quite a satisfying rate; with any luck I'll be having my own adventures over the pond come Spring.

New York Dolls, Vogue Nippon April 2009
Eniko Mihalik in Another Magazine FW 2009
Perdue dans Manhattan, Paris Vogue September 2003
Bright Lights, Big City, Pop Magazine FW 2008


Chelsea said...

i love the inspiration behind this collage.

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Siru said...

I dream of going to NY.

juliet xxx

All Women Stalker said...

Why did your friend break into the zoo? Haha


Rose said...

i would so love to go to new york it sounds wonderful

emsie said...

how beautiful - i want to go so much!

i just read your other comment box, i'm pretty good thanks, just trying to concentrate on work at the moment...struggling under a pile of english essays

i admire you so much for this blog because i know how much time it must take you!

how about you? i read you were looking at manchester uni...what sort of thing are you looking into?


WendyB said...

A long time ago -- in the '80s, I think -- someone broke into the zoo and was eaten by a polar bear. Just sayin'.

FLORENCE. said...

the picture in central park with the fur jacket is so gorgeous
i do love a discotheque confusion collage...

lydia said...

oooh this collage is amazing!!! i love ny soo soo much.

i've always wanted to break into the zoo hahaha.

B a la Moda said...

Great pictures!
B* a la Moda

hippyhippychic said...

i wonder if n.y really is as brilliant as it looks...

A. said...

sounds like we've spent our mondays doing the exact same thing.

now that it's official, i can't stop dreaming about it.

oh, christ! i just wish i could drag you along with me, but, alas, if you're here come spring, girlfriend you KNOW i'll be making the trip up to meet you! YOU KNOW.



Liberty London Girl said...

Thank you for reminding me not to take my adopted city for granted. LLGxx

Jenna said...

love your site!!

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make believe said...

Gorgeous pics that make me dream of the big apple too! I cannot wait to move to NYC early next year. Dreamy!

bri. said...

This post was wonderful! Your photos are always a highlight!

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Anonymous said...

this collage is fabulous
such a wonderful mixture of beautiful shots
thanks for sharing

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Unknown said...

isnt new york amazing!!! haha.. fml
i miss it so much to
& i love your blog to!!

Stephanie said...

i must confess that i love your blog, it's quite wonderful. i have added you to my blog list on my blog:

and new york is the best.

IKS said...

great collage. im packing, when do we go??

himma said...

oh god... its lovely :)