Friday, October 16, 2009

some things I think you ought to know..

Roll up, Roll up! Watch as he sticks feathers to his shoulders and louches about in pink floral shorts! Andrew from Pull Teeth is one of the coolest and best dressed guys of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Nude Lumiere is a bloody ruddy fantastic Tumblr page. Because of her great eye you'll probably end up dragging half of the images she handpicks directly into your inspiration folder.

Top three models. Fact.
Missy Rayder
Lara Stone
Sasha Pivovarova

If you're anything like me, you'll have millions of scraps of paper around your room and word documents permanently up on the computer containing the addresses of blogs you never ever want to forget about. So in homage to this obsessive compulsive attribute, here are a load I have scattered about the place and that I utterly love.
  1. Velvet Scientist
  2. Karla That's Me
  3. Blood Roses
  4. Sometimes I Just Need Quiet. Blog with a naughty URL but great photographs
  5. Mood. Bloody fantastic for menswear references
  6. Raspberry and Red. Cutest polish girl ever. She kind of makes me wish I was 14 again. Or at least that I had dressed like her.
  7. Aprilgatan. Nothing like a bit of Scandinavian crushing. I give you 5 seconds until you have the desire to wear breton stripes and attend a Danish music festival.
  8. Slash Magazine I really really like this online magazine.
  9. Magic Molly. Not only has this girl got the best case of effortlessly cool streetwear disease, she's also an amazing writer. The kind that has me skipping along that 'Oh fuck, I'll never be as good/wow, she's inspiring me to pick up a pen and better myself' borderline.

    Wearing a pair of simple jeans, preferably skinny with a soft or maybe even cashmere rollneck is quite an appealing idea for a lazy autumnal day outfit. courtesy of 1990s Kate Moss and Vanessa of Pandafck

  10. Romance of Thoughts After having spent the last couple of days reading (I've started Shoplifting from American Apparel by Tao Lin; so smart and cynical but in a fresh and intelligently witty way) and overanalysing the way I write (that's what being forced to define yourself for a Personal Statement does!) I've decided to take the plunge and create a Tumblr account. But rather than using it to post inspiring photographs, I'm going to be posting short observations and small creative pieces. If this sounds like your cup of tea, take a look. It's quite nice to have a bit of a balance and write about something that isn't related to fashion.


Miriam said...

Thanks for all of these beautiful links! Mind you I have trouble enough keeping up with all the blogs already in my Google Reader! I've had a look at you Tumblr and its a great idea, following already! :)

Isabel said...

I'm going to check out Pull Teeth immediately - this guy looks brilliant!

tastes like disco said...

Thanks for all the amazing links! I havent had time yet to have a proper look at them, but the first impression is definitely promising. And many earlier recommendations of you have become a regular read for me. Thank you!

joy said...

I am starting a tumblr this weekend with music downloads and possibly a radio show, can we add each other?

Joy D.

Masha said...

yes to feathers! wohoo!

chrysler5thavenue said...

I don't have an inspiration folder. Do I need one?

Anonymous said...

You spelt Lumiere wrong so the link wont work-here is the true one for those interested.

Andrew said...

What an honor! Thanks love

discotheque confusion said...

oops, thank you v much anonymous for the heads up! the link has now been changed, so apologies to all and to nude lumiere for the ill editorship..


Madelene said...

I love that old picture of Kate shopping at the market..

emsie said...

beautiful post, and already loving the tumblr account xx

Annie said...

damn straight with the top 3 models thing!!

WERONIKA said...

thank you so much!!!!:)

lydia said...

this is such a great post!

i love that picture of kate! such a good outfit idea.

i'm going to look at the tumblr account now!

Meghan and Lana said...

We Love Andrew! He's our dear pal, and we're so glad you love him too!


מיכל♥ג'וש said...

beautiful post. set me off to re-discovery of my usual web strolls, thank you.

The Velvet Scientist said...

Aww, cheers for the mention!

I have been meaning to post about Andrew, Pull Teeth is one of my favourites.


Hélène Heath said...

Love your little 90's remix!!!!

sick muse said...

it was so weird to see the photo of that girl in a micky mouse pijama... i know the girl and the photographer.

Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

Thuy an said...

oh my goodness! thank you so much for mentioning about my tumblr. even though this post is from a while ago, thank you :)

i wanted to let you know i changed my tumblr name to etacarinae- so i could use nude lumiere as my blog