Tuesday, December 08, 2009

an apology..

A lump of coal.
A bit stonking lump of coal, heavy and bland with not even the faintest of pretty glittery sparkle to it's surface. That is all I shall be receiving this Christmas because of my appalling lack of posting over the past few days.

All that I really have to say to justify my actions is that, well, I've been busy.

This weekend I went with one of my best friends, Emily to the christmas party of a magazine which consisted of much merryment including a barbershop quartet that bellowed and sing song-ed their way through tunes with lots of witty rhyming and seasonal ineundos.

And halfway through the night just after commenting on a couple of girls across the room and a passing remark of 'ah, emily, they look like us in a parallel universe!' the said emily-lookalike came up to me and said she recognised me from the blog. Me and Emily sort of spluttered our wine in wonderment, the two lovelies joined us and well, by the end of the evening we were all jolly good friends.
I went back to their flat, and really, think I must go back and take photographs for you all. It was the real-life equivalent of scrolling through a particularly rewarding tumblr page filled with marvellous interiors pictures. Really, I cannot quite describe my reaction when I walked in and was greeted not only by a rail of furs but also a victorian beach changing tent and walls full of ornate framed portraits of anonymous women. These two ladies (Sophie and Sophie) shall surely have to be making an appearance on the blog sometime soon.

Now, after all the commotion I shall resume with the Advent blogging. I've run away to my lovely Granny's flat for a few days while she is away in Morocco as I'm really craving my own space (sorry parents, but I've well and truly arrived at that wanting to move out stage..) and her backdrop of quashy floral sofas, expansive book collection (a comprehensive journey through classic literature to dotty sciencey-new-age bibles..) and enough DVDs to make a film geek foam at the mouth. Throw in lots of teas, herbal remedies and the familiarity of a Grandparent's house and I'm beginning to think 'sod university' and consider staying here forever..


WendyB said...

Two days hardly qualifies you for coal! You'll have to try harder to be bad.

A. said...

oooh, sophie & sophie sound lovely! perfect even. we should steal their flat, ha.

happy to hear you've been the good kind of busy.


Anonymous said...

Thoughtful words and sentiments. I love that you exchange gifts at Christmas, it's nice that you are passionate about fashion as well as having strong ethics. They can meet in the middle somewhere!

Random Fashion Coolness said...

No Scrooge comments from me! We're going to do the same. The frantic rush to buy presents with no real thought or care, just to buy "something" has always worried me. The worst misconception is that the bigger or more expensive the gift, the more love you are showing that person. I'd rather a mix C.D. or a knitted jumper, where true feeling made the gift.

Fab post!

R x

Danielle @ Story of Style said...

Beautiful blog! I'm happy I stumbled upon it.


elk said...

wow, the description of their apartment is amazing. photos please! i'm moving to london in march and this makes me so excited to go!! xx