Monday, January 04, 2010

about the other week

Got the snaps back from last week's stay in The Lakes. I mentioned it before I left, and wondered how it would go. I see my Dad, Stepmum and half siblings fairly often but it's been a good few years since I went away with them. I had a lovely time, the train journey up was particularly special; one of those fantastically crisp and sunny winter days. The carriages were crowded with the bank holiday rush but all of the passengers were in high spirits and a festive mood. I finished reading Cold Comfort Farm, began On The Road and snacked on turkey sandwiches while looking out of the train windows and grinning to myself.

somewhere near wolverhampton

carlisle station

seascale station. the journey from here was completely bleak but completely beautiful.

my dad picked me up from the station and we drove back to the cottage. I'd ruled out any notion of a cute cottage to stay in citing it as fantasy so gasped with surprise upon arrival.

these two lucked out in the present department.

this was a great little pub. my stepmum left after a meal here to put the kids to bed and my dad and I stayed for some bonding. we got drunk together, he taught me how to roll and we shared rude jokes. I don't see my him as often as I'd like so I'll remember this night with fond memories.
after a few drinks the guys challenged each other to sing. this was my dad roaring through his rendition of 'the lambton worm', a northumbrian legend.

it was bloody cold, bloody beautiful.

crewe station.


Hannah said...

beautiful pictures, the cottage has such a nostalgic feel x

A. said...

in a word - amazing.

and your dad seems like a really good laugh!


Siru said...

Seems you all had a great time! That mountain shot is just gorgeous!

juliet xxx

frillies for fillies said...

Spent xmas in the lakes too, I was in Windermere mostly but Penrith for a day. The snow was so heavy I had to dig my car out, but travelling to Penrith along the M6 was lovely, everything in sight was covered in white snow!


Gillian said...

Ah! The Lambton Worm, a favourite up here in the North-East :). Always fun.

Looks like you had a wonderful time :).

Kathryn Sutton said...

I love the Lake District, have spent some wonderful times there with family and it's always so beautiful! Looks like you had lots of fun :)


IRIS and PIETER said...

such a lovely photographs!!

fritha louise said...

looks like a perfect trip. I love the lakes. your pictures are amazing. what camera do you use?

Anonymous said...

I think that's the best photo of Crewe station I've ever seen (I live there-it's the closest thing to a historical landmark we have). And On the Road is excellent, brilliant for trains.


great shots! you should start yourself a flickr account if you don't already :)

A La Mode said...

Wow it looks like you had an amazing time, such beautiful pictures!