Tuesday, January 05, 2010

bob and behati

image, behati prinsloo by hugh lippe for hobo magazine #11, via supreme management.

this photograph from the most recent Hobo Magazine has been playing on my mind lately. thinking of framing it and putting it in my bathroom. in between the painting by my granny and picasso's bathers, perhaps.


Layers&Swathes said...

I would actually consider blowing this up and dedicating a wall to it. Gorgeous!

Francy said...

Lovely photo.


KP said...

so beautiful-I love this

A. said...

...which is exactly the reason why we need a new printer.



I concur.
I think of fashion editorials of as much of a piece of art as anything else. Cheaper, too.

Natalie Hughes said...

Love this image. Nx

Anonymous said...

beautiful and inspiring.

Silk ties said...

I would frame it as well! It's great!

Stephanie said...

This photograph is so fabulous. I just adore it. Well chosen!


kake said...

Ok, Bobby Dylan, Behati and Cigarettes. Those are like, 3 of my favorite things in 1 shot! I might have to steal this!


young-shields said...

woah. save save save.

claire x

Anonymous said...

You blog bores me. Where's the talent? Where's your old style of writing quirky posts? They were the only reason I came on your blog. Now, you're just mindlessly conforming by joining the troops in posting photograph after photograph and whipping a sentence or two to go with it!

Bring back your originality!

PatrĂ­cia Matias aka dj Pat said...

Very very very nice!!!
Most photos in black and white are great. They seem to have some poetry in it.


Carmen said...

isnt she lovely. and posing next to an image of mr. dylan? genius.

we have a serious crush on behati. she recently made a xmas video with us and what she was wishing for was beyond precious!


she comes on at 0:49. we hope she got what she wanted!!

<3 modelinia

patrice jackson said...

Oh this photograph is amazing. Saving, reblogging, etc etc.

Philip Kennedy said...

Awesome photo!

Would love the Dylan one myself. :)

Anonymous said...

This photo is really wonderful, thanks for posting it! :)
I have a Dylan's black & white portrait in the wall of my studio, he's a true inspiration ;)