Monday, February 08, 2010

pania rose

I've mentioned model Pania Rose a couple of times now. Flicking through the blog that she keeps over at Modelfeed is always a pleasure as it's a nice window into her world outside of modelling. I must say I'm much more interested in snooping through the candid shots she uploads rather than her editorial work which isn't quite my cuppa. Afternoons spent washing her old Falcon car and working in the vegetable patch, or cycling with friends around upstate New York, are downtime hobbies that I could happily replicate.

The blog hasn't been updated for a couple of months, but if any of the above sounds up your street, have a look anyway! Click here.


emily said...

i want spring to come so much! beautiful images, thanks for pointing me in her direction, will definitely have a gander!


All Women Stalker said...

Oh thanks! I've been wondering where I got the link to her blog for months now. :D

Men’s casual trousers said...

Great pics! I love the Autumn feel to these