Saturday, May 01, 2010

first of may

And in May Day spirit, why not watch some Morris Dancing? But mashed up with 'Acid Rain' by The Growlers for something a little different:


WendyB said...

Where the hell did April go???

All Women Stalker said...

I am so happy May is here. April was hell. And to think it was my birthday month. :-/

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Love your hair band!

Happy may day :)

Char x

jessica said...

yesss im always in the mood for some rad music.
& some wendy bevan photography ... if that is her name, which i think it is, but im going to feel like a tool if it isn't.

& YESSSS, many trip photos to come ! 9 days, so excited.
so when are you starting that couchsurfing fandango ?

samantha said...


they are my fucking favorite. sometimes i'm afraid i'm the only one listening.

emily said...

love this match-up
agreed, where has april gone?!


M. said...

I went into my town today and there was a May Day celebration, so cool

lovelove, M.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Happy May Day! You have such a fabulous blog. I'm so happy I discovered it. :)

Gant Coat said...

Happy May Day! Summer is only round the corner!

The Girl and the Pearl said...

Oh morris dancing- I had to explain this to my class of Spanish students today, they were baffled!
Alice x