Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the hilariousness of individual style

One of the things that I love about individual style is that you can have so much admiration and respect for a way in which somebody dresses while knowing that never in a million years would you have the desire or even the ability to dress like them. And this is truly say without any prejudice, I think it comes more from multiple occasions of fawning over a real person's style (say a friend or a neighbour) and wishing to replicate it on some level only to realise that you don't need to in order to appreciate. Understanding that while experimentation is great and fun there are some styles that you'll be able to love more when they're viewed from afar.

It is with this in mind that I post a video from of Natasha Ghosn. I got so much pleasure from hearing Natasha talk about her approach to style; she goes beyond seeing things as being 'fun'. Not fun as in declaring a love of niche trinkets or detailing and rolling out statements like "so when I see something with feathers, I know I have to buy it, because it's so fun and it's so me." she actually talks about the hilariousness of age inappropriate outfits. She sits nonchalantly in the company of a cheeky smile and a cigarette in her hand and describes the pink trouser suit she is wearing. "This is really not appropriate for a 23 year old girl with my lifestyle. There is no reason I would ever need to wear a pantsuit. But that's whats so funny about it. It's hilarious. It's like I almost want my own talk show, just so I can wear my suit all the time."

She works in retail and deals with clothes everyday so it's not as simple as saying 'oh how refreshing, this person doesn't really care about style they just like to have fun' because that would be doing Natasha a dishonour. But there is something that certainly makes me smile upon seeing her patch emblazoned denim jacket and hearing her stories of fishing through junkyard bathtubs for new additions. It's like she applies a history to her clothes without a need to weight it down with intellectual worthiness. Sure, she took classes in the History of Dress but I think at the end of the day it's the difference between our styles that really fascinates me. Fuzzy jackets reminiscent of bumblebees and old tape measure necklaces, it's like she's saying 'these are things that would have pleased me as an 8 year old and they still please me now. Isn't the inappropriateness hilarious?"


Gold Dust Women said...

hahahahaha...she is great!


marie said...

that was a fucking awesome video...thanks for sharing! <3

The Girl and the Pearl said...

shes so great, wearing something fun and a bit mental always makes me feel happy, even if other people think I'm off my rocker. My most recent crazy purchase: fish print dress from Buenos Aires- Win!
Alice x

Blue said...

dear hipsters,

please quit saying "thrifting" and "thrifted".

thank you.


the rest of the world

All Women Stalker said...

Okay, she needs a talk show. STAT.

Unknown said...

HHAA i love her.
i love it when shes in the track suit.



Ariel said...

that was an amazing post, really inspiring, thank you!