Sunday, May 30, 2010

some more

And finally some more; apologies for all of the eBay posting. I'll get on with some more worthy posting soon!
Be sure to check out the Button up Shirt, I personally love it and think it's very Alexa Chung. Think her Philip Lim shirt meets the Miu Miu collars with gem buttons and little teardrop details on the collar. Lovely!

Click here to see the new eBay store additions.

Button up Shirt

Cap Sleeved Floral Shirt

Vtg 90s Floral Stretch Dress

H&M Cropped Blazer

All Saints Illustration Tee Shirt Dress


Pearl Westwood said...

Lovely pieces, I see what you mean about the shirt :-)

Catherine said...

I love the white shirt! Too bad I'm broke :(

Anonymous said...

ahhh that shirt is beautiful!!:D

Is This Real Life? said...

Oh My! Lovin' these! off to check them out on ebay!

All Women Stalker said...

Lady, do not sell that shirt!

rouli said...

love the floral shirt!!!!!!

cool post!!!!!!!!!


stylestalker said...

gorgeous blog x