Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tuesday the 11th of may



Faith said...

1-yay amethyst(my birthstone)!
2- i to have reading on my to do list, now that school's out i'm so excited to read the books i've been meaning to get to!

finally-to do lists are great, love crossing things off

A. said...

cabbage cut up and saute├ęd in butter is my absolute favourite favourite. yumm.


Kendra Alexandra said...

I love love love your blog!
Your pictures are amazing and i just can't stop looking!
Will be back for more :)

Hope your can check out mine and maybe follow


Eva said...

We have similar handwriting.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I always make sure to have pyrite by my side. 100+ cool points for your crystal selection here.

Patrice J said...

aww, love that I am on the to do list!


How was the cabbage?!

Jessica said...

mmm, i want to make a to-do list : )