Sunday, June 20, 2010

david mackenzie


Thank you for:

Introducing me to Harold and Maude and Tilda Swinton.
Reading me The Twits, Danny the Champion of The World, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at bedtime.
Your rude jokes.
Passing on those thick eyebrows and long legs.
Not passing on your strangely long second toe.
Teaching me patience (you didn't do this intentionally, sometimes your company requires it.)
Too many nights beside bonfires to keep track of.
Too many spiders removed from my bedroom to keep track of.
Insisting we live in a caravan. I now realise how much I loved those years.
All of those guinea pigs when I was 4.
Teaching me to love storms rather than fear them.
Really good hugs.

Love you, man.

13 comments: said...

happy fathers day..:))

iamronel said...

yeah hapi fathers day..:) said...

Aaahhh *teary eye* x

Kat said...

Awwww! that was lovely! so honest and heartfelt.

love your shopping basket in the previous post or two too!

All Women Stalker said...

Best Father's Day post I've read all day :

Skaputziner said...

Oh, Bruttiifull..

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. It's great you have an appreciatable father and that you appreciate him. I actually thought you were in the photo for a tiny second; eyebrows indeed. Cool beans.x

Isabel said...

This is adorable.

Amanda Corrine said...

that is sweet :)

Just Another Londoner said...

"Teaching me patience (you didn't do this intentionally, sometimes your company requires it.)"

Love it, a bit of father-daughter banter...x

minnja said...

wonderful post for father's day!!!

Unknown said...

haha like it.

love the photo too


Sarah Miller said...

Your dad had great taste in kid's books :-)