Monday, June 21, 2010

tati cotliar

Tati Cotliar is fast becoming my new model crush. Her off-duty style reminds me of Iekeliene Stange's but perhaps that's only because they share the ability to stray away from the all black forumla. I have also only recently made the link that all along she has been the inspiration behind me growing out my roots; after she covered the front of a Topshop zine with her prominent two-tone hair. Here are some of her 'favouries':

Film: Manhattan by Woody Allen
Band/artist: Pink Floyd, John Coltrane, Serge Gainsbourg
Colour: "Any colour you like"
Place: Tilcara, in the north of Argentina
Person: Groucho Marx, Syd Barrett, Albert Camus, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, Johnny depp in Edward Scissorhands, Salvador Dali
Book: L'├ętranger by Albert Camus

image: Otto Vankerkhove
favourites from: Milly Mcmahon


Away with the fairy's said...

Wow she has such amazing style! and taste in general!

m.fay said...

lovely! your blog is darling! found you on bloglovin, hope you stop by and say hello:


Amanda Corrine said...

Albert Camus is fantastic and she is fantastic in style and taste I see why you like her :)

rouli said...

cool pic:)

keep in touch girl!!!!!


Liberty London Girl said...

I think the roots look is partic English - and I love it - looks relaxed and young. LLGxx

Daniella said...

she is so crush-worthy.

Is This Real Life? said...

such a beautiful outfit, so relaxed but still chic and beautiful in a really non-obvious way!

marie said...

shes beautiful and cool...I may begin to have a crush on her too <3

lorax said...

Whoa, she's my new style icon too! That's the exact look I go for... except, y'know, she can afford all of the amazing elements to make the look into a full wardrobe. Those favorites too... what a beast.