Tuesday, January 11, 2011

discotheque confusion on facebook

Just so you know, you can now follow Discotheque Confusion on Facebook. Links to new posts will appear on your feed as soon as I update as well as the odd music recommendation (today is Elle by Sebastian Tellier) and links to anything else that seems of interest (blogs, nice jumpers 'off internet', good articles, maybe even a crap joke..) I've finally jumped on the bandwagon after dithering over it for a while, and followed suit after Disney Roller Girl and Coco's Tea Party.

Do comment and give your input, it's another place to have a good old community gush over the things all the things occupying our brains. (Thats aesthetics/arts wise as oppossed to agony aunt territory..)


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea, now I'm following you on facebook too ;)


Phoebe said...

Hey , just thought I would show you a link for a post about jen brill, as I know from past posts you love her! You may have already seen it actually ... http://intothegloss.com/2010/12/jen-brill-agent/

Anyhoooooo, I love your blog I'm always hanging around for updates (loser) and I hope your enjoying Manchester, I live nearby and it's an amazing city ! xxx

Disneyrollergirl.net said...

Welcome... hope you don't mind but I'm nicking the Man About Town skateboard vid for my Facebook page X