Monday, January 10, 2011

I Saw You Standing

Tapping into the same idea behind blogs like Style Like U, 'I Saw You Standing' over at Platform Magazine takes short films of people on the street documenting their outfits and showing us the kind of details-rings on fingers, their make-up, colour of shoelaces- that may otherwise go unnoticed in a single photograph. I really like this idea, it epitomises what I love about street style and the sense of personality that comes with it and I'd love to see more short videos like this. My typically British nature makes me a little embarrassed on the behalf of the poor souls though, having to stand completely still and slightly awkwardly while the camera zooms in on their faces. This is completely me projecting my own fears!

3 comments: said...

Nice concept and she's gorgeous and I totally want all her clothes. But the blurry zooming was a bit off-putting and there is NO WAY on earth I would let anyone zoom in on my face that much!

A. said...

brilliance. i love.

aime-roo crew said...

Love this! Thanks for posting, I had never heard of it before. I am a fan now :)

Love the cinematography in it.