Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here's a little Cher flavoured summat summat on this Saturday afternoon. The song is naturally a classic gem but also take note of her matching striped jumper-trouser combo. One of the looks from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Winter 2010 collection comes to mind. When there are skirt suits and short suits and suit suits, what's not to love about the concept of a jumper suit?Also her hair is bloody grand. I wish I had the ability to wear a fringe like that, I always feel like fringes take too much maintance than I can be bothered with but if there is any hair to advocate the brilliance of fringes, I'd say it's Cher circa 1965.


Unknown said...

She xas so pretty ! And yes, the outfit is a hit !

See U !

Camille said...

Oh, Cher is giving me a hard time keeping on growing out my fringe, hers is so nice! Just one thing, the link for the MJ Winter 2010 directs to the blogger homepage instead of the picture of said look!

safra said...

y'know, cher has a timeless style. bar none.