Tuesday, March 22, 2011

all knitwear

I've tried to shake it but this crush won't end. ALL Knitwear is too cute to lose my affection. Cute really feels like the most appropriate word as Annie Larson's knitwear comes in bright mish-mash patterns, the kinds favoured by Rupert Bear but also the cosy variety you were probably swaddled up in before trips to the park aged 3. Most likely to do with the unpretentious nonchalence of the models (who I'm guessing are Annie's friends) the pieces (with names like Confetti Split Cardigan and Cactus Box Top) look perfect for slinging on without thought at the start of the day. The Griddle short shorts (above) are perfect no-fuss bottoms to wear with an old white-pocked tee shirt for an afternoon in the kitchen making scones or even to wear on the beach over swimwear on those deceptively chilly summer days when the breeze is chillier than you'd expect. Basically they're the sort of clothes that provide the comfort of pyjamas while being legitimate enough to wear outside. Perfect.


Lizaboo said...

This is sooo cool! Granny chic! I love knit wear and therefore this is totally awesome to me :o) xx


Chuck said...

Interesting... I quite fancy a Rupert scarf at the moment but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try the shorts... They'll look great on someone though.