Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lauren Soloff's kitchen and all houses in general featured on Closet Visit which make me wish to run away and live in a cottage in LA/ ALL knitwear griddle short shorts/ Marloes Horsts sipping colour in the heat in US Glamour March 2011/ Topshop all in ones/ Portmeirion in North Wales-I really want to visit/ Annabelle Dextor-Jones' America jumper/ old hat I know but I still really want a fjallraven backpack to throw all my stuff into like this girl/ laidback style captured by Mr Newton/ Lauren Soloff making granola.


Ally said...

I want to live my life just like Lauren Soloff, she really has got it figured out.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the first and last images of the kitchens, total kitchen envy on my part! and definately get a fjallraven if you can!my last one carried all my uni books/library books perfectly until my housemate nabbed it, sad times! but definately worth the investment :)

Emma Lavelle said...

Oh I love the cottage pictures! I've been away in North Wales for the past few days staying in a cottage and now all I can think about is my dream home in the countryside (as opposed to a terrace in Withington!)
Portmerion is wonderful - I visited there a few years ago, it is such a magical place. You need to watch the original The Prisoner series before you go!
And may I ask where the photograph of the girl and the dog is from? I need this in my 'inspiration' folder on my desk top!
Great post!

discotheque confusion said...

lavelle, the image is from here:

though I'm not sure that'll be much help as even then it doesn't have an obvious source..

still good tip about The Prisoner, I saw it mentioned on wikipedia as having been filmed in Portmeirion, so I'll have to check it out. Hope you've had a lovely few days in Wales!

Katie said...

ditto on the Closet Visit! Do you follow her blog too? it's so inspiring, makes me wanna cut fresh flowers and make granola everyday! you probs do but here's the link:

Katie M