Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Betty Jackson's show is still one of my Fashion Week standouts. Dressing head to toe doesn't seem quite so terrifying a thought, in fact it starts to seem sort of a good idea once you've clicked through 40 something all beige/ all red/ all black combinations on I often have moments in the morning, just as I'm about to sprint out of the door when I realise that alas, two of my coats must be discounted as outerwear options as they exactly match the shade of my mossy green cord trousers. Dressing in head to toe green just does't seem practical when it involves disappearing everytime I walk past large patches of pavement side shrubbery. Still, Jackson is persuading me. With her focus on mixed textures (see fleecey belted coats, fuzzy skirts, ribbed rollneck dresses, silky slacks..) head to toe colour blocking emphasises the greatness of each item instead of detracting from the overall look. Also noteworthy is the hair and make up-while the latter is almost non-existent I like that the flowered manes achieve a fantastic look without being too overly girly.

I'm already plotting my Winter 2011 wishlist and fleecy and fuzzy are appealing bywords. Maybe it's just their cosy hot water bottle cover associations-a tempting prospect in the depths of winter.


blue roses said...

great images, and yes, jackson is a wonderful inspiration; i love dressing monochromatically, and generally stick with black, camel, or gray; red would be a nice change up.

Alexandra said...

This was a great collection!

Judy C said...

The clothes are nice but I have to wonder about a designer who wants to make the models uglier than they already are.

susie said...

what great looks! thanks for sharing. i was unaware of betty jackson, and i needed to know what's up!

ps stumbled here via miss woo's twitter #ff... think i'll stay a while and get acquainted.