Monday, March 28, 2011

pinned hair and beach thoughts

Though I'm not that big on the film itself (couldn't get past 1 minute without the intense drumming doing my head in) I really love Lykke Li's hair and long sleeved, high necked all-in-one number in Solarium, a short Super8 film by Moses Berkson with styling by Elizabeth Sulcer. I spent a good few minutes trying to work out how the hair was achieved. I've never been able to french plait and therefore feel I lack the logical starting point for understanding how to go about trying this out on myself. I'm sure it's not even that difficult, I'm just sort of clueless when it comes to 'hairstyles' so please do enlighten me if any of you have tips up your sleeves!

As for the all-in-one, it looks absolutely brilliant with her bronze legs and tattered leather sandals and has me craving an opportunity to replicate the look. Though where on earth could such an outfit be worn? I suppose for some digging and dancing with mirrors in the desert is the answer. But throwing some light knitwear on over highwaisted American Apparel bikini bottoms to trudge from the beach to the villa for lunch and an afternoon nap come summer is a pretty nice idea too. This is me projecting probably very unrealistic fantasties about how my week in the Croatian sun is going to go before I've even booked accommodation. Nothing like indulging in summer wardrobe daydreams before March has even ended!


blue roses said...

i cannot french plait either! haven't seen the film, but am also enamored with this style, and would love to be able to replicate it.

Lizaboo said...

Oooh I love Lykke Li! I think she looks stunning! The beachy look has had me day dreaming about my holiday!
Unfortunatel I cannot help you on the hairstyling point as I'm crap at styling my hair :o( xx

Ally said...

I'm really bad at styling my hair too, but I would say just give it a shot with a load of bobby pins and see what happens!

A summer holiday in Croatia sounds like the perfect place for such an outfit!