Friday, August 26, 2011

garage magazine

Although these pretty polaroids could easily be mistaken for a new Band of Outsiders campaign, they are in fact Dasha Zhukova and Shala Monroque proudly presenting their soon to be launched magazine 'Garage'. I'm very exciting to see what comes next in the fashion-meets-art magazine saga as Dasha builds on the same concept she championed as Editor in Chief of Pop Magazine. The shoots in Pop Magazine were always a beautiful feast for the eyes and flicking through the fashion pages you felt you could easily have been wandering around a Ryan McGinley exhibition. The first issue comes out on September 5th to coincide with Fashion Week (and indication The New York Times suggest of the magazine's fashion-meets-art, rather than art-meets-fashion stance.) It features a collaborative shoot between Nick Knight and Dinos Chapman as well as a cheeky 'peel and see' butterfly sticker placed atop a naked model's crotch on one of the 3 covers. (That one is designed by Damien 'Butterfly' Hirst, naturally. He also designed the butterfly covered Tavi covers for Dasha's first Pop back in 2009.) 

While I could do without fashion fannies just for the sake of being provocative (so can WH Smith who have banned the first issue from their shelves), I'm looking forward to taking a snoop at the shoot featuring an Alexander McQueen dress made from a lettuce, a Prada dress of orange and Moncler coat of anchovies masterminded by Giovanna Battaglia. I will always be appeased by the collision of clothes and larders. 


Anonymous said...

Oooo this new magazine looks great - though it doesn't seem totally orignal (art and fashion have been paired in publications before...), I do like the whole Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground aspect of peeling off the butterfly tattoo to reveal a surprise. At least that's a bit different and provocative.

Look at your other posts - love the dalmation nails (may have a go myself actually) as well as the mum jeans and HELLO HAILEE STEINFELD EATING PIZZA. To fatties everywhere, I am so proud of her. And young Alexa Chung looked gorgeous. So naive and innocent... little did she know she'd end up being a worldwide style icon with cameras up her arse at every little chance.

NavajoDisco said...

Love and want. Badly.

Anonymous said...

These polaroids also remind me of Band of Outsiders ;) that new Dasha's magazine looks pretty cool.

Bibi said...

The covers look good my favourite being the peel to see!

I'll be looking for this in shops, I was actually ineterning for SHOWstudio whilst they were planning the nick knight + dinos chapman collab it will be great to see the end result.