Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remembering Corinne Day

A couple of dates that are firmly penciled, nay prominently biro-ed into my diary this month. Tomorrow sees the launch of the Corinne Day The Face exhibition at Gimpel Fils Gallery which runs for a month, marking the 1st anniversary of Corinne's death and looking at her early work for magazine The Face in the early 1990s. The exhibition will feature her infamous 'Third Summer of Love' fashion story with the young Kate Moss (yes, 'young Kate Moss tumblr post' fans) as well as two other The Face editorials 'Heaven is Real' and 'Borneo'. 

It's also worth making a trip to the Whitechapel Gallery on September 25th where they will be celebrating the life and work of Corinne Day by with a talk and screening of Corinne Day: Diary, 2002,  the documentary directed by her husband Mark Szaszy with interviews with Day, Rosemary Ferguson, Kate Moss and Vincent Gallo. 

In the mean time, have a look at some of the photographs from the wonderful 'England's Dreaming' spread published in The Face in August 1993 scanned by Dazed or Something for lots of fantastic metallic cigarette trousers and Adidas trainer combination styled by Melanie Ward. These photos (as well as some previously unpublished) are featured in Heaven Is Real which I'm already tempted by, just so that I can lie on my bed in a pair of knickers, smoothing my fingers over the pages in some vague attempt at a Corinne Day parody. 


Anonymous said...

I'd love to go to that exhibition, 'cause Corinne Day is one of my favorite photographers. Yesterday, I saw a couple of articles about her on Oyster and AnOther Magazine.
Too bad she left us so soon, I'm sure she'd have done a lot of great photoshoots if she was still alive. I posted a tribute to her last year on my blog, with some of my Corinne's favorite photos:


Anonymous said...

Ack, I would love to see this exhibition.