Thursday, August 25, 2011

JW Anderson's 'Craft Goes Machine'

Sometimes there are odd and unexplainable combinations that crop up in life. Sometimes baffling and sometimes plain perfect. Mel B and Eddie Murphy or Chilli Jam and Houmous sandwiches. And rather than questioning why they work (or don't) you tend to wonder how they happened. I always like the idea of manatees in a tank as a way of explaining unusual concepts after that episode of South Park which revealed the Family Guy scriptwriters as manatees dictating the episode plots though a simple selection of 'idea balls' each containing a verb, noun and a pop culture reference. This is surely a beautiful and organic way of crafting a fine, fine story concept. Paul the Octopus had the same allure during the 2010 World Cup when he predicted the results and well, it's a tenuous link but I like to think that the brains at J.W Anderson belong also to aquamarine creatures given a random assortment of themes and images to create a lookbook video each season. This time for the Spring/Summer 2012 video 'Craft Goes Machine' the tentacles delved in and scooped out airport corridors, tetris blocks, a man carrying a box and Da Vinci's The Lady with an Ermine. Collated together with some trusty Mozart for two minutes and you have a sparkling finished product, just another days work for a manatee.


Alberto G. said...

cool and original video, and that South Park episode was very funny. I like Family Guy, and it's true that its dialogues and jokes are totally mad, it has to be fun to meet the guys behind the script.
ps: manatees are quite cute :)

Anonymous said...

ps: the previous comment was mine too... I'd forgotten I was logged in with my boyfriend's account :P