Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Despite my feeling that having eight different covers for the new issue of Love magazine is teetering at the top of the decadence barometer, Katie Grand and co can do as they damn well please when they look this good. It's all about Chloe Moritz's little glittery devil horns just poking from her auburn hair. I like the casual 'yeah, I'm wearing devil horns' stare she's giving, like 'and maybe they're always there, they're part of me, because I am the devil.' Makes me think of Vivienne Westwood's goatish white horns and all of a sudden a 'devil horn as fashion accessory' rabbit hole has swallowed me up. Also loving the perfect thickness of her brows, my love for a girl with a strong brow will never cease.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the Chloe's cover, which is totally stunning, but I haven't seen the one with Maria Carla, and the Lara one which is really beautiful, she looks so pretty on that cover, I like a lot her hairstyle.