Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Size 00 frenzy continues...

The size 00 debate (well...its not really much of a debate) was sparked over the summer after the death of model Silvia Bitaeres died of anorexia and skinny models were banned from various Fashion Weeks.
Now Brazilan model Ana Carolina Reston has died from her anorexia. She was just 85 pounds when she died (thats about 6 stone).

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Lindsay was the curvy redhead that everyone loved...but as her weight pumeted in 2005, so did her popularity...

As hopefully everyone knows, skinny is not a good look. The likes of Nicole and Kate B need to take note, and take their responsabilies as role models seriously. I can understand that models for the catwalk are generally skinny for the purpose of modeling clothes, but when crash dieting and displays of ribcages become to norm, its bad.

Awareness about Pro-Anorexia sites was promoted after Peaches Geldof fronted a report for the Trevor McDonald show a couple of months ago, its so sad that girls of our age aspire to the lifestyles of the "LA It girls".

so...following these thoughts. These are the girls who need to watch out, they're talented and fashionable women, but they're letting their body hang ups get out of hand and letting them dominate them. Ever wondered why it ended for Kate and Orlando and Nicole and DJ AM?...

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Before: Kate looks happy and healthy and she has a radient glow. After: Wheres she gone? Skin and bones and dull skin. mm, desirable.

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Before: Nicole seemed happy with her size although admited to putting on weight after coming out of rehab. After: This infamous picture was shown all around the world. Its shocking how skinny she is just look how much older she looks too. Her skin in prematurely ageing...

please let me know what you think about the size 00 issue...


*emma* said...

oh, god, she looks like an effing bio-lab skeleton!!!
i really dislike nicole richie's thin look. and kate bosworth looks like a roof shingle. not attractive.

Julz said...

I used to be worried about gaining weight, but a while ago I realized that it doesn't matter and it's good to be healthy. (don't worry, I was always a healthy weight.)

which in conclusion= hate size 00 frenzy.

And I think that Orlando Bloom singlehandedly saved a bunch of his fans who were in danger of becoming anorexic or something by breaking up with Kate B because she would never eat. Which made me <3 him even more.

Cathi Cohen said...

it's ridiculous to look that thin. sometimes people DO have a chemical inbalance in their brain that makes them actually LOOK in the mirror and SEE themselves fat, but all these celebrities? they're just succumbing to pressure. I admire stars who are even just a size 4 (which is still quite small!) who stand among the 'skinny bitches' who weigh less than my 12 year old brother. If you dont look attractive, why be that thin?
They all looked better before, with more curves and full figures.

discotheque confusion said...

Its reassuring to see that people agree! and I totally agree with Julz about orlando doing the right thing, even if it did compromise his feelings.

also, DJ AM made public comments about Nicole's weight.

S xx

What's Haute said...

i saw lindsay in l.a. back when she was her 'normal' size and she was extremely skinny then. i can't imagine how she must look in person now!

indigomast said...

Kate bosworth gives me nightmares...her chest is caved in...yuckkkk.

indigomast said...

Kate bosworth gives me nightmares...her chest is caved in...yuckkkk.

Lucy Wilkinson said...

I agree with you all on this issue.
Although i myself am naturally really thin, only because I seem to grow so much, and I have a super fast metabolism.
I would never starve myself even if I was naturally over-weight, it's just ridiculous!
I would love to have a body like Marilyn Monroe with her womanly curves, and feminine sex appeal.
Let's all face it, weight is just a number, it goes up, it goes down, people around you shouldn't care, and if they do, they're not worth worrying about it!
I say we find some real role models, who are healthy and genuinly happy, and quick!
Oh, and while we're at it, let's shove a few cakes down all of these twiggy corpses!