Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Romy Coppola: Everyone say aww!

Ahh, Sofia C finally gave birth to a little baby girl!

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Man, that baby is going to be one cool kid, Marc Jacobs baby grows, French chic, family friends like Kirsten D and Bill Murray, french europop rehearsals in the garage, access to Sofia Coppola's wardrobe

....and on top of all that she gets a cool name like Romy!

Is there a new (yet cooler and more intellectual) Lou Doillon in the making?


molly said...

Oooh, Romy, I really like that name!

And, yeah, that kid is gonna be far out.

-S said...

wehn i think of romy, i think of the awesome 90's american movie romy and michelle's high school reunion which so happened to be one of the best things to come from the 90's.

Anonymous said...

are you gay??

Teresa said...

I can totally imagine Romy in a cutesy Marc Jacob's smock with matching flats.

Ella Gregory said...

awww i love sofia shes so pretty.

molly said...

the coppolas...such a cool family.

and, yeah, in hollywood, the chocolate brown hair is getting sorta old.

discotheque confusion said...


somebody actually asked if i'm gay.

...something to do with the La Chapelle post maybe?

Glad you all agree about the coolness of the coppola's.


indigomast said...

I wanna be a coppola! lol

Anonymous said...

I really liked this name so interesting, not strange, no way!
And this little baby girl is so beautiful, so cute.

Will be very nice to be a Coppola... haahaha!!!

I LOVE the Coppola Family, everyone is aWEsome!!