Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fashion Icon(s): MK vs Ashley

(pheww..this is a long bitch of a post!)

Each of the twins may be yet another example of a skinny american it girl, and they may be billionaires at the age of 20, but unlike the LA gang (Mischa, Nicole, Lindsay) these New York girls like to let their creative juices flow when it comes to fashion.( ahem, what an odd phrase) and anyway... lets ignore all of their wealthy and take a look at their fabulous wardrobes!

I think if I could choose to steal the wardrobe of any celebrity I'd definitely consider these two...but what about if you had to choose between them!?

So here are six pictures of the creme de la creme of the twin's fine moments to help make a decision about who got the style chromosome! (if thats possible...!)

Ashley Olsen
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On the left: Keeping things simple on a night out, but she still looks fantastic. Shes kind of gone down the school girl route. The polka dot blouse hangs well and I love her satchel style clutch. On the right: Don't the Olsen twins have such great street style? She looks a bit Kate Moss here, working the waistcoat and skinny jean look, but without going down the tacky Victoria B look. Thank god for that!

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Left: Despite the teeny looking legs, she looks like she just flung on this attire without any second thought! Right: This is one of my favourite "Ashley outfits" this is her at the Troy premiere in a little girly crochet dress. She looks very "Olsen" with her babyface features and vintage look.

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Left: To me, this picture represents the change from over the last year in Ashley's style. She's grown up, and the classic bold lipstick, and sophisticated use of all black adds to the glamour of the outfit. She tops it all off with a "big girls" bag, and... a plaster on her foot! Right: If you saw Ashley walking through the streets of New York like this, she could just be a normal person; a very well dressed normal person! (Minus the fact shes got on some Sienna style Ray Bans and an It bag.)

Mary Kate Olsen
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Left: This picture always triggers a debate with myself about whether or not this Micheal Kors dress is flattering? I don't like it with the red shoes, and she looks too thin and lolly popp-y, but the gold compliments her summery glow and maybe if she'd had her split ends cut off it would have been more well polished. Right: This is one of my favourite dresses that MK has worn. I don't know who the designer is though, and I love it! (Although its possible Zac P, as she wore it to his show..) It looks like she found it after rummaging around her grandmother's vintage dressing up box (thats a good thing!..)

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Left: Va va voom! Out and about in Paris during fashion week, Mary Kate puts a humorous spin on things in these quirky Chanel shades, and goes all french on us with the woolly beanie. Right: More street style from an olsen. Looking rather grunge chic in a FRANKIE SAYS RELAX tee and large vintage cocktail rings crammed onto her fingers. hawwt.

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Left: Not keen on the shoes, they just make her feet look really big in those skinny jeans, but I like the jumper with the jeans and shes reworking that classic scruffy olsen look. Right: Damn girrrl. I hope she won the Hottest Supermarket Style award for this. A boyfriend shirt, scruffy demin shorts, and a fendi spy-a like spell a recipe for some checkout romance!

Verdict: ooh thats hard, but I think MK works the street style look better (but only slightly!) whereas Ashley looks fantastic when she goes for the classic glamour look, eg blong hair, red lips and some fantastically girly emsemble.

but its hard...any opinions anyone?


Alice said...

I think MK's more creative.

Sarah said...

i like mary kate's style better. it's less put together like ashley, and has more of an new york hispster vibe and creativity to it.

Cathi Cohen said...

i like ashley better! some of mk's outfits are a little bizzare for me, like that really short dress (would have been cute with leggings!) and those weird classes.

molly said...


Uh-uh, you can't make me.

Okay, okay, Mary-Kate. But just because that glittery rainbow dress is too damn cool.

Ella Gregory said...

i think there both equally as stylish, theyre rather differnt in ways too so you can have a MK day and then an Ashley day. Im not really into the whole 'it' girls as isons things, but i do think these two have a cool effortless style.

*emma* said...

ugh i hate those glasses. happy new year mk.

but in general, i'm loath to admit it but if I HAD to choose which girl i abhor less, it would be mary kate. stylewise.

remember when they were doing that infernal twin-detective thing? i used to read those books when i was seven or something. lol ive come a long way (hopefully)

Pret a Porter P said...

I agree with Coco, they are both have different distinct styles. Personally I would raid Ashley's closet, but I really think MK has a "groovy" kind of style.

Also what's more likeable about the Olsens is they are not "screaming" for attention like some of the other "it" girls. They are bit more low key.

indigomast said...

wow i love this post..they are both awesome. For me it would come down to whose had more bad fashion moments and that would defs be MK.

smashley said...

just an fyi that sequin dress MK is wearing is a vintage find that inspired the almost identical dress from their elizabeth and james line that was favored by countless celebs....