Thursday, November 23, 2006

Leatherface and Richie: Its over!

It seems that Winter 2006 has been the time of the Hollywood splits!

First there was Ryan and Reese...

and Britney and K Fed...

now its Nicole and Rachel!

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Nicole has apparently replaced the "Leatherface" because she wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences." while she focuses on putting on weight and tackling her eating disorder. Rachel Zoe styles for most of Hollywoods skinny IT girls and has been accusses of promoting unhealthy body images.

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Then: Although Zoe's styling shot Nicole into the limelight as a style role model, her style became an identikit also being worn by Lindsay and Mischa. Now: Looking grown up, sophisicated and on the way to recovery! Nicole at the American Music Awards, styled by Ehrlich.

The stylist has been replaced by Cristina Ehrlich, who owns a clothing line called Miss Davenporte, and has styled for Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz.

Although...her the davenporte designs have also been popular with the Olsens... hmm, but lets not delve into contradictory points...

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Loveely Davenporte smock dress worn by Ashley Olsen.


-S said...

let's face it, ever since io heard about the split between rachel and nicole, nicole has finally gained some weight. and it's good to know that rachel is dressing 1 less person in hollywood, because really, she makes them all dress the same.

Kit "Blanche Deveraux" said...

ah. i actually kind of like the minidress w/ those shoes. quite cute, i think!

Alysha said...

Hey! i want to let u know that u r going to be 1 of my links. o.k.? if it is not cool let me know and i can take u off, o.k. Bye and come and vist!