Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lily Allen

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So went to see Lily Allen playing last night. It was actually a very good gig, although she didn't come on stage for ages. The crowd were really up for it, and that created a great atmosphere.

Also, Mikita Oliver was backstage, watching the gig which was a bonus. (For those who don't know, she used to present Popworld with Simon Amstell. She looked great, and after the gig my and my friend Lily (thats another lily! The one who I wrote about in my Japan post) met both of them. Got a picture, but sadly Mikita's got a bit of a mardy bum" on in the background!

Anyway, I'll stick to the reason for this post, and that was the fashion sightings from the evening. Saw a girl, who had great style but unfortunately very rude manners. She was wearing a long pink t shirt, which was reminisent of the stella mccartney chain tops, she was wearing it with a little brown battered leather jacket, a dark denim miniskirt and leggings and little indie kid boots.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture, as I thought she wouldn't have appriciated the question!

The second style staple of the night came from Lou who plays the keyboards for the support act New Young Pony Club. Their music was overshadowed by their individual get-ups, in my opinion, but thats not nessecarily a bad thing!

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She wore a sweet little belted red trench coat, with matching cherry lipstick and paired with grey tights and a girly ponytail, quite appropriate given the name of the band.

Other stand-out pieces from the rest of the band included a neon slogan tee from the bassist, a schoolgirl style dress (worn over a shirt and starting under the bust) worn by Sarah on the drums, the scandinavian looking guitarists bright red skinny jeans and the lead singer's amazing afro hair.

and for the star of the show...Lily wore one of her trademark vintage dresses topped off by her infamous bling dripping around her neck. Her dress comprised of lots of gold glittery safety pins... but don't let imagines of Elizabeth Hurley in that
Versace dress.

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If you look closely, you can see the individual gold safety pins...very clever!

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All in all, it was a great night out, and next time, I'll pluck up the courage to ask the dancing girls for a picture of their ensembles!

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Clare said...

That dress is incredibly cool! I love the whole safety pin thing. She can get away with wearing the strangest (but cutest!) outfits.