Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sundays are usually a day that I detest. Last minute homework, slumpy tiredness and hangovers, the prospect of the end of the weekend....

The saviour of this Sunday Afternoon Blues?

...Style magazine, which comes free with the Sunday Times.
And I loved it even more when I saw the cover.

After a large anti climax and slightly disapointed feeling after my peek at the Kate Moss Topshop collection in this months Vogue, I found these pictures much more satisfying.

And Irina's status will no doubt become more mainstream after this work. I'm predicting even more people will be adopting the fringe, so I'm making the most out of mine while you can!

Has anyone else noticed the resemblence to Pete's style? [above, left]

Overall, I like it! Don't build up your hopes though, god knows how quickly it will sell out, and how many fashion bitches will send to hospital for stitches post store floor scuffle.*

Sleeping packs and elbow pads at the ready!

Opinions? Anyone feeling a little disappointed, or is it all you could have dreeeamed of?


Model Citzen said...

It's actaully right along where I expected it to be. A bit on the safe side (nothing too edgy) but still cool. Your comment on my Stam dating AM post left me wondering... are models celebrities?

Anonymous said...

usually i am so mad about having not any chance to get my hands on Topshop stuff and thought i would get even angrier when Moss' stuff comes out but I am relieved that it's not at all that cool and absolutely not a musthave for me. the only thing i would want is the matching camisole and shorts combo (or is it rompers???).. but Irina looks sweet in those pics indeed

Anonymous said...

These strike me as staples--simple tailored trousers/jeans, vests & jackets. So no, not must have but still cute & very Kate.

I wouldn't mind having that camisole/boy short set, either.

a said...

hmm, it looks a bit like nobody with a gram more fat than kate or irina would ever be able to pull the clothes off.mI wasn't expecting much, so this is a nice surprise! much better than M for my mum* or whatever madonna's got her face stuck in now.

*I mean m for madonna, or m by madonna, or something.

Anonymous said...

I don't particularly understand why people had such high hopes for Kate Moss's collection.

I think she is alright, but I don't really get the whole fashion icon thing. I love the white dress, but then again so does everyone. It is one the truly original piece.