Thursday, April 05, 2007

Body Con

Due to a flash of inspiration after reading Coco's recent post I have decided to give the Zoebots, a sans-Zoe look.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of Zoe's current styling which seems to be a stuck in the past side effect of the Sienna plague. [Leather coin belts, fur gilets and floaty skirts anyone?] Out with the boho and in with body con.

I want to see Lindsay, Mischa and co ditching their feminine halternecks and 70s inspired vetements for 80s power dressing in the style of Marios Schwab and Preen and Linda Farrow sunglasses teamed with skyhigh stilettos.

The Get Up

The Shoes

The Accessories

Paint the town
red acid with neon streamlined clutches and jelly shoppers.

Top the look off with short and chic white nails and big plastic watches-the cheaper the better!


Its been revealed that Johnny Borrell will grace the cover of UK Vogue's May issue [shirtless and in his trademark white skinnies], making him the fourth man to do so after Robbie Williams, Bono and P Diddy.

Hmm, I find this man digustingly arrogant, but also rather likeable. Thoughts?


alluretone said...

i don't even know who that guy on the cover is, but i think it would've done better w/o him.

as for the zoebot outfits, i'm loving the trapeze skirts from proenza!

A. said...


I am constantly making mix cds! I'm always trying to musically educate my friends! Ha. But my Cd drive is totally stuck, it won't open! It's been broken for a month and I am literally going insane that I can't make mixes!!!!!! Uggghhhh. I hate technology sometimes!

Bella said...

I wisht that Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan would ditch Racheal Zoe and get their own style! They look SO much better, I love Mischa's 2nd outfit the sheer bloss is so pretty. :)

T said...

i would love for mischa to stop wearing stupid baby bibs.
but i love nicoles style and thank god zombie zoe doesnt style her anymore

camaybraham said...

ha cute photoshopping!
luv this post. quite amusing.

MarĂ­a said...

Their style is so predictable.

Miss V. said...

Who IS that guy? He looks... weird.

Rachel Zoe is so annoying. Mischa and Lindsay should definitely dump her and dress themselves.

ashley heaton said...

seriously! i like mischa's style but i'd love to see lindsay wear something more demure like those outfits. and i like the vogue cover as well, natalia looks great!

Anonymous said...

the interview is a bit rubbish and him and natalia have NO chemistry but i have to love him as he hails from my home borough of Hackney.

discotheque confusion said...

The guy, btw the way, for those of you who don't know is the lead singer of Razorlight and current beau of Kirsten Dunst. He used to be friends with Pete and Carl in the babyshamble days.

I'm intrigued to know who "anonymous" is and how they managed to get their hands on the interview already.

Thanks for all your comments!

S xx

a said...

does that man even have a penis? I mean, I can't even wear jeans that tight.
he is ROCKING those pelvic bones though. MMMM, nothing turns me on better than a good set of those babies. now I see why kiki's into him

Anonymous said...

DFon't know who that guys is. It would have been a better cover if he wasn't on it though. Sorry guy

Teresa said...

I can't believe Zoe is co-heading Halston, oh goodness.