Friday, April 20, 2007

How to be a fashion icon

#1 Take risks

Taking risks is so crucial, and can determine whether you go for the dress that everyone remembered for years to come (I bet you can name the wearers of The Swan Dress and the safety pin dress?)

Many of the risks taken by Style Icons are just before they pop to the cornershop for a pint of milk, and thats the beauty of it, because it shows that their fashion creativity is effortless.

2# Be true to your personality

A new nose shouldn't mean you need to ditch your inner grunge in favour for a plastic playgirl get up, but Ashlee managed to tone down on the kohl whilst remaining true to her style.

Wear what suits you (yes, Victoria Beckham, that means you!)
Nothing stands out more than somebody who wears a style that just isn't them.

#3 Have a trademark.

For MK is was shabby chic, but of late that seems to have changed (yay!) for Kirsten its her street chic look of grubby grey tees and her favourite thin gold chains.

#4 Wear everything with confidence.

You could be feeling completely insecure about an outfit, but as long as you wear is with a huge smile and a confident walk, you'll fool anybody. Nobody knows if Cam was faking it, post-justin, but do you care? She looks hot and she knows it.

#5 Don't be matchy matchy

I hate the colour co ordinated bag, belt and shoes look, it seems to be one of those "Mum rules" that Plain Janes swear by religiously, come on Paris, its not the 1950s anymore!

#6 Remember to champion new designers

Rachel Bilson supported Thakoon way before his CFDA days, and Sienna is a frequent self appointed muse to Marchesa. Whilst its easy to accept all the freebies from the big names, Style Icons are respected for championing the "struggling artists" because quite frankly, "they were all there once, dahhling!"

#7 Don't hop on the bandwagon

Pahh, Ashlee and Scarlett caught onto this one way too late. As for you Ms Beckham, put that Christopher Kane dress down, now! Down, leave it!

#8 Don't kill a trend, start one yourself

How could a style icon be a style icon without a CV of clothing revolutions?

Sienna Miller.........The boho days
Kate Moss............The waistcoat, ballet flats, skinnies (shall I continue?)
Chloe Sevigny.........Ray Bans
The Olsens.....Layers and black nail varnish

PS. VB, Are you still trying to join in? Go away!

#10 Don't be a sell out

Nobody likes a label whore, end off.


Anonymous said...

lol i love your blog its great! and the heading is fab!

-S said...

now, if only just about every wannabe fashion icon in hollywood could read this (as in the post), i think the world would be a more fashionable place.

MarĂ­a said...

Funny post :)

Alison said...

LOVE this post! You're dead on about all these rule. Now if Britney would just read this...

Model Citzen said...

FREAKIN. LOVE. THIS. POST. you never fail to crack me up. your disdain for VB is admirable! lolololol... My fave of all, MK. She rocks my world!

camaybraham said...

haha oh posh stop trying to be an icon, no amount of money and labels will get u that!
ur blog is so cool. im luving it

Mash said...

Ahaha another funny post that I love !!!! you're so right about Victoria ....

a said...

great post! I bought a pair of wayfarers aages ago and now I hate wearing them out because I feel like such a poser... I'll just need a new pair of sunglasses

Unknown said...

I loooved this post!! especially the matchy matchy paris hilton one that reminds me of ALOT of people down here. loved it.

Emma said...

great post. i'm like the 29842th person to say that exact thing but ah well. i'm predictable.

maya said...

great post (that makes me the 29843rd person to say that). Is it really bad that i dont know what the safety pin dress is? who wore it? please, i feel like an out cast. I know abut the swan dress of course. I love all your tips, especially about doing what you not and not following trends.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Here is how I wore my golden tracksuit/leggings:

disco fever anyone?
have fun!

-ciao bella- said...

amazing post. i love how sienna wears all those gorgeous marchesa dresses- i am so jealous!! love the blog- i'm adding you to my links. xx

Anonymous said...

heehee. i like this post! u dont seem to like victoria beckhame a lot. lol

maya said...

no, I havent seen it. sounds good though. do you think you could find out the name so i can watch it?
I look kind of old for my age and the first time a builder attempted top chat me up I was 10. urgh

Molly :] said...

Hellooo =]
Fantastic post, i loved the tips!!
Anyways, you signed my blog a while agoo, and i have been a bit of a bum and havent signed back!! So here it is!
Love your blog!

Emily said...

that is a very good post! i love the dress that sienna is wearing (the one in the middle)
paris hilton really annoys me

F.M. said...

I've never care for cameron diaz' acting (in)abilities, but I got to hand it to the girl style-wise... she always pulls of an original and uniquely flattering look!

Ella Gregory said...

fab post i love it
it was all so true
and perfect point about jumping on the band wagon too late
victoria just looked desperate for attention in that kane dress

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

Here is a photo shoot I did with the tops I designed, called "Summer Mood".

Please do check it out if you have time and leave your critique.

Thanks, have a great day looking pretty chic!
Diana said...

Nothing to add, you are SO right! (PS, bitchin' soundtrack too...)