Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey everyone.

Don't know about anyone else, but the weather in the UK seems to be rather out of character and lovely, prompting everyone to scarmble into their dresses and summer sandals and run to the park.

It brings out the best moods in everyone and I love it.

I have a little question to ask you all, and I know its one that is asked
very often, so I put my hands up to you and apologise for not paying attention before (haha, used to saying that to teachers...) but how do you add pictures to the header of a blog without having the code show up at the top of the screen andin the computer toolbar?

Any help, and I would be very grateful.

PS, Here are the blogs that I'm particularly loving at the moment, so check them out.






and of course
COCOS TEA PARTY who I kind of consider as my blog bitch because I've been a loyal visitor pretty much from the beginning and (I think!) its been the same for her.


-ciao bella- said...

sorry- i have absolutely no idea about the whole picture thing with the header but come to think of it- i tried that once and it didn't work out. xx

Ella Gregory said...

hahahah im your blog bitch. that made me laugh. your blog is also my fave, which is why you are top in my future of fashion sidebar as i know an eye for style like yours will get you somewhere in fashion.

Siobhan said...

you create the icon/image you want them to photobucket or somewhere upload the image and paste the html code into your headline bit. Hope this helps and yes, it's nice to have good weather over here for once.

Model Citzen said...

thanks for the love, lover!!!! I'm loyal to your blog too! seriously, I read the same blogs over and over again. I don't even buy magazines as often, because they are just so blah. Could you make a little post on how you came up with your blog name? I'm curious...

Lana said...

thanks for naming my blog on your blog! and about that question, I want to know that too, hihi!

discotheque confusion said...

Thanks for help with the picture, Siobhan!

Also thanks to everyone else for the lovely comments, whoever said fashion was bitchy?


S xx

a said...

OOOH I'm there, I dont think I've ever had a mention before, extreme gratefulness :)

p.s. I love your blog as well!