Thursday, April 19, 2007

I can do fashion!

Oh britney, we still love you though.

PS, woww, has anybody else heard/seen this video? I admire the girl (yes, shes being sarcastic everyone.) but shes also getting more mad by the day. Thats what I like though, a bit of un-PRed speech!*

Except the OTT accent?


thecoherent said...

slight correction...the first photo is sienna miller. :)

Ella Gregory said...

her wig and hat look is now starting to scare me a little.
when i saw her in those pics a few days agao i was like 'ok someone is trying to do a sienna'
we must be on the same wave length
but i never liked it when sienna did it but britneys attempt is even stranger.

Mash said...

I'm not fan of Brit but I'm not here for say s*** about her . The only thing I love on the picture is that she's wearing "bas couture : sorry i dont know how to say that in english" . It's stocking with a straight line all the way from the leg . Do you know what I mean ?