Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bright Young Things

Forget fussy fabrics and understated chic, bold and bright is a sure great way to go when it comes to summer, and is often a very clever way to compliment a tan (see how well the yellow works on Eva below because of her skin tone?...)

Yellow is a colour that relies so heavily on choosing the right shade. Wearing yellow shouldn't literally equal jaundice, but these girls have hit the nail on the head with Michelle drawing attention to her beautiful pale skin in Vera Wang.

Wearing a classic red is guaranteed to wow the crowds, but choosing a simple cut is pretty important. Less of the thigh grazing and more of the "dignified and sexy" to avoid looking like Paris is that red dress and fishnets combo.

Going bold and bright requires a natural confidence (but whos to know if you just fake it instead?...) Isla, Cameron are all "funny, cool girls" and Chloe in particular gained lots of recognition for wearing this Luella creation. I think its because she has that self confident appearance which means that she could parade in a old blanket for all anyone cares. (..Oh, wait MK already did that...)

Cobalt blue has been named one of the colours for 2007, so Kirsten is right on trend with this trapeze dress, Kimberley uses a leather jacket to her advantage by adding a casual and rebelious twist and Cameron knows that wearing minimal accessories earns a thumbs up.
Green is not a colour that we're used to seeing on the red carpet, and is often worn by the braver and more "quirky" stars. It works especially well for blondes...


Lana said...

Yes, that yellow looks really good on Eva! And Cameron, she rocks both the bold and blue dresses :).

Mrs Fashion said...

Loving the greens and blues.
Mrs F x

María said...

Red, and purple work really well on brunettes. I love Kirsten in the blue cobalt dress, she looks very tall.

Ella Gregory said...

wow i love this post
my faves are chloe in the green and sjp in that red dress
funny how we always seem to write similar things lol
ooo i hope you have fun in london, did you talk to david baily?
that is so lucky of you
im trying to think of some exciting places, there was a great vintage shop but that has closed now.
there is an amazing charity shop between the V&A and harrods, i cant remember what it is called but its on the saide of harrods but nearer to the V&A and my friend once got a prada sweater there for £20
anyway i hope you have a great time
x x x

Susana Rodrigues said...

I like red and purple and its like Allure said those colours work really well on brunettes (I'm a brunette hehe), but my favourite in this post is Michelle wearing that yellow dress, she looks so beautiful!

-ciao bella- said...

fab post- i especially love the greens and blues. and i wish i could pull of yellow just because of those fab dresses.

alluretone said...

michelle william pulled off the yellow best on the red carpet, it really looks fab on her! sjp, ms belle, and bilson all look very lovely and sexy in the red! i think drew barrymore looked stunning in that galliano.

a said...

chloe sevigny looks good all the time. It's the law.

Honeybun said...
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Honeybun said...

I`m really getting into bright colours. Today I sported bright pink leggings under a flower printed dress, feeling quite excentric and cool, haha. Anyway, I just started my fashion blog and my first post is about yellow. Bright colour seems to be everyones`flavour of the month.


Mash said...

I love chloé's dress <3
and I love blue and green colors .

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

how I wish I'd be a bright young thing too...

Diana Coronado said...

The pink is really good!!
I saw your blog in anothers.
And i think is really good.
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