Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Vogueing

At the sound of a heavy clunk coming from my letterbox this morning, the same thought popped into my head as at the end of each month "Maybe, just maybe this time It'll be interesting..?", but as I tore away the plastic packaging from my July UK Vogue, I was horrified!
The catalogue style cover models grinned back and me and the words "trying to hard?" popped into my head.

models l-r: yasmin le bon, cecilia chancellor, lily cole, lizzy jagger, marie helvin, erin o'conner, jaquetta wheeler. Yawwwwn!
This is Vogue! I know recently I've been declaring my boredom for it, but I didn't think it could stoop this low! Marks and Spencer models! Where are the fresh, new young models that should be gracing the cover? And most of all, this is where the knife was truly stuck in, Vogue has attempted to copy the US Vogue "troupe of models" cover from last month. The US Vogue cover was disappointing enough (where was were Hye, Iek, Tanja and Freja?) so I don't need the wife of somebody who used to be in Duran Duran looking all proud from the 'recreation' cover.

That is all I have to say.


Mischa plays dress up with French ELLE!
[click for a better(?) comparrison]
I love Mischa Barton, but doesn't it strike you that at the moment she's biding her time a little and just seems to be doing the "magazine circuit" because shes got nothing else to do? Still these pictures are interesting, though I can't say I love them. Thoughts?

Baby Photo Time!

Theres nothing like a little spell in rehab to kickstart a bit of Lohan gossip. I bet Dina released them just to keep her little precious in the limelight! And her little Lindsay too...

Westwood in Biopic

Vivienne Westwood has become the latest fashion designer to have her story adpated for the big screen. Dahhling, it's like, the new high street collaboration. There is also going to be a biopic about Coco Chanel, and Audrey Tautou has been chosen for the lead role. No word yet on who will play Westwood.

Ooh, lovely a nice little project for Lindsay to work on once she gets out of rehab. Shhhh! Don't let Dina hear about this film!


Emily said...

i haven't seen my vogue yet as i have been away but i was hopeing the cover would be better they did copy the american one why can they put something interesting on it? White? how boring i loved the one with Kate moss and her davidbowie makeup

Emily said...

i haven't seen my vogue yet as i have been away but i was hopeing the cover would be better they did copy the american one why can they put something interesting on it? White? how boring i loved the one with Kate moss and her davidbowie makeup

Bojana said...

I actually like those photos with Mischa!! But I hate French Elle.

molly said...

ooh elizabeth jagger, my future stepdaughter!
i love her dad with mad passion

youre right, the lohan baby pics definitely scream "DESPERATION"

Anonymous said...

i love this! it's nice to see mischa wearing something other than a skull cap. (oy vey!) lovely photos. you could be right about her, she could be in her sophmore slump...

as for viv... wow. this could be interesting, like the female side of the filfth and the fury.

ps. thanks for adding me! x

Anonymous said...

oh darling i got the exact same feeling when i ripped open my un-economically-sound conde nast envelope to reveal....(cue tumbleweed rolling across deserted western street).......????????



(however, i 'read' italian vogue today and so i can safely say britvogue is still better than its US and Italian counterparts, and the content of britvogue wasn't actually too bad.)

Still, whos for a petition too get alexandra shulman OUT????

-S said...

wow. that cover is scary. sears much? and for some reason, i am liking the mischa photo shoot, which says a lot considering that i hate her.

Courtly Love said...

What the hell, in that picture Dina Lohan looks like Elizabeth Berkely. So strange.

Vogue always tries a little too hard, and that cover looks like something out of a JC Penny catalouge. However, I do kind of like the models [especially Jaquetta and Lily]. I disliked the US Vogue cover SO much more model-wise.

Bella said...

I agree...something about the UK Vogue is just off...the whole layout color and everything is just bad. And Mischa Barton? Those pics I had to take a double take, I was like whoa thats her, it doesnt look like her except maybe in the 1st one, which is the one i like the best. :)

Mash said...

"Marks and Spencer models" ahaha you definitely made my day :)I don't really like the cover , I prefer the us vogue one . I love the pictures of Mischa even if I m not a big huge fan of her .
And yes I m a make up artist :)

Siru said...

all i'm gonna say about the Vogue thing is that my friend had switch her Vogue to Instyle. still i think vogue hasn't gone that bad. yet at least. but they shouldn't copy the us version.

an the Westwood, Maggie Gyllenhaal could maybe do that ? or what do you think?

Bojana said...

Hi! I don't like the french elle because the way they write articles bugs me a hell lot. "This summer, WE're wearing blah blah blah and WE look blah blah". I don't like the fact that they use the "we" because they fit everyone into one same group and it just irritates me. But if you don't understand french then you'll like the french elle.


molly said... just starting to realize my love with mick jagger might never come to fruition
and his kids (and grandkids) would be pissed that im younger than them

Mrs Fashion said...

Oh great minds Disco - I opened mine and thought - "all they needed was Twiggy and it'd be an M&S campaign". I'll be interested to see the credit situation inside.

And I understood where they were coming from - age being the new size and all - but they totally missed the mark, mainly because there wasn't a big enough discrepency between the ages. If they'd wanted to make a statement there should have been proper old models - with white hair!

PS Genius find of the Dina shot. She is one scary, er, mother.

Mrs F x

Moose on the Loose said...

I like the pictures of Mischa. They are really dramatic.

I think a movie about Coco Chanel would be fabulous! Personally, it should have been made at least ten years ago.

And I totslly agree with you about Vogue. Vogue is a fashion magazine, not for Hollywood. More models should grace its cover. I mean, it is considered an honor to make Vogue cover and people who really deserve it should be on it. said...

Yikes, that looks bad. Cecelia Chanellor for God's sake, like when was she last in a shoot? As an aside though, I sat behind Yasmin Le Bon once and Oh. My. God. She is like a sculpture.

Mrs Fashion said...

Ooh, I thought I'd already left a comment!
Basically I think I said something like 'great minds think alike - with that cover they should just add Twiggy and it would be an M&S ad!'

Age is the new size it seems.

One of the reasons the cover doesn't work, imo, is because there isn't enough difference between the models' ages. If they really wanted to make a statement then there should have been someone old and fabulous like Carmen dell'Orefice (sp?) with white hair in there too, to shake things up and make a seriously classic Vogue cover.

Mrs F x

Mrs Fashion said...

Ok, so, so sorry - I forgot you had comment moderation so ignore my last comment. Duh.
Must stay of the computer when I've drunk alcohol. Sorry! Mrs F x

Teresa said...

Oy, I thought that UK Vogue cover was from the 90's, and I mean that in a bad way. I wonder if Anna Wintour has somehow infiltrated her blandness into UK Vogue now.

And GOD, Dina Lohan seriously needs to join Linday in rehab, cause there's something wrong when Lindsay is doing lines of cocaine using the same dollar bill as her mom.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed re: Mischa. She tried to avoid the whole 90210 fate by bowing out early but she'll be lucky if she does any better than Shannen Doherty.

matt williams said...

I can't wait to see Audrey Tatoo as Coco Channel. I love Audrey Tatoo so much. With the exception of the divency code, I think I have seen every movie that she has stared in.

The Vivian Westwood movie should be good also. Maybe Sophie Dahl could play Westwood.

matt williams said...

I prefer the cover of American Vogue as this cover looks to genric.
I found that I like Spanish Vogue a lot. French Vogue isn't that bad either. I really can't wait for the first issue of Indian Vogue.