Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good Vibrations

Summer is very nearly here, and it looks like this year it's set to be a scorcher, so lets hit the beach!

To Do List:

Exfloiate Legs

Cream up 20 minutes before leaving the house.

Walk with a smile, If you can't be ridiculously happy during summer beach season I'm not sure when you can.

Pack Beach Bag:

1 Bright towel (Needed to prevent getting lost on way back from ice cream van)

2 Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (Prolong that salty surf hair)

3 Straw hat, or other (It's always easy to forget to protect your head from the sun, but nobody likes a flaky scalp, do they?)

4 Assortment of sunglasses (So many great ones around on the high street, why bother forking out for the expensive ones when you can stock up on the cheap and cheerful ones that look genuine.)

5 Cover up. (Take a cut from Ashley Olsen and ditch the kaftan. Instead reuse a thin material oversize tee. Cheap and can be worn around town during the day)

6 Swimwear (Of course. Mixing and matching bikinis is always fun but I like to shake things up a bit with all in ones too)

7 A good stack of magazines

8 Suncream and plenty of water. (Dermalogica is good for the face as its non greasy, but remember to stay hydrated and don't fry yourself. You don't want to have a face like Rachel Zoe do you?)

PS, All you UK-ers, for extra british tradition brave the freezing cold waves for revitalisation.


MarĂ­a said...

Good tips! And the title is very appropriate, do you like the beach boys?

Ella Gregory said...

love the tips
especially the ashlee olsen t shirt beach look
she always looks cool
even in those pics of her sunbathing and doing some very bizare movements
great post as ever
i love the catwalk pics

Unknown said...

your posts never fail to entertain me!!
loved the tips.
Im linking ya.