Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kirsten Watch

Heres a "vintage" post for you to feast your eyes on, (ie, one of my drafts that Ive been meaning to post the past couple of weeks...)

I'll post the answers to the Weekly Round up Quiz (See last post) tomorrow night, so get any answers in before then..

One of the biggest perks of being an international film star?
Selecting wardrobes for the premieres, of course!

I'm sure that most of you will be aware that Ms Dunst is both one of my favourite actresses and style icon, [hence the frequent posts on her of late] and I've been keeping an eye on what shes been wearing to the various world premiers of Spiderman 3.

And I think the girl did good! [Click the picture to view full size]
She has stayed faithful to Stella McCartney, her favourite designer in the beige jumper dress and she donned her chunky black heels to most of the events. Love the fact, that like us "citizennnnzz" she has her favourite staples that she can't get enough of.
Anyone else think that the dress she is wearing in the picture with Johnny Borrell is reminiscent of the dress Christina Ricci wore recently?

Also, what are your thoughts on her wardorbe choices? Take part in the poll and discusssss.

Which Kirsten get up are you most jealous of?
The futuristic metallic dress
The feminine pink dress
The red bow number, I'll take one!
Stella M jumper dress, obviousss
The minidress competing against Johnny B for Kiki's affections...
The Orange buttoned trapeze coat
The purple belted dress
The black Rodarte number
The boymeets girl tux free polls


Lola Lisbon said...

Brilliant to see a blog by someone who seems to read i-D instead of Elle.

Links list swap? It's the blog version of the air-kiss, darling!

holly said...

kiki is definately one of my style icons, she can pull of virtually anything!
i do love your blog, shall we do links? (insert some witty comment like the one above. crap. I wish I was funny)