Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekly Fashion Round Up Quiz

EDIT: Change of plans people, got invited out last minute to a Seafood restaurant daahhling, so the results will be up asap, late tonight or tomorrow evening, its a busy weekend! Sorry to disappoint...

Thought I'd go for something new, so let me know what you think.
I've written some questions that will relate to some of this weeks big and not so big fashion stories. Have a go and see how you do.

Just post your answers in the comment box. [I'll put the comment moderation on so that you won't accidentally peek at each others answers!] And I'll reveal the answers in time for the next round up! [No cheating!] and Good luck.

Question One

Question TwoQuestion Three
Question Four

Question Five
Question Six

Question Seven


Anonymous said...

1. agyness deyn
2. karen elson
3. kate moss
4. ?
5. the row-mk and ashley olsen
6. mischa barton

Mash said...

question 1 : Agyness Deyn
question 2 : Karen Elson
question 3 : Kate Moss
question 4 : Chanel Iman
question 5 : The Olsen Twins
question 6 : Mischa Barton (Kate moss ?)
question 7 : Chloé

Unknown said...

haha fun post! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

1. agyness deyn 2. gisele 3. kate moss 4. ? 5. the row by the olsens 6. ? 7. Chloe!

María said...

1.- I don't know. But I'd say Gemma Ward.
2.- Gisele Bündchen
3.- Kate Moss
4.- I guess Coco Rocha
5.- The Row by the Olsen twins
6.-Mischa Barton?

T said...

ooh so gonna win this ;)

1. Agyness Dean - love this cover
2. Gisele Bundchen
3. Kate Moss?
4. I thought all three of them walked in it? hmm
5. The Row
6. Mischa Barton
7. Chloe!!

♥ ♥ cool like chloe

a said...

well, I know that my girl agyness is on the cover... I really dont know Q. 2 or 3, but for question 4 I'm guessing coco? I'm also going to take a guess at question 5 being The Row.

question 6 is mischa barton... (why would she do that???)
and I really dont know question 7.
Eek! I'm not too 'in' with the fashion news

maya said...

1. agyness deyn
3. kate moss
6. Kate Moss
7. ?

Ella Gregory said...

ooo good idea
although i am ashamed i dont know many answers
only the its the olsen twins
kate moss posed and mischa wore that rank thing
i didnt know that site had quoted me
thank you for letting me know
is it ok if i message you some pics from the cocosteapsrty myspace for you to rate tomorrow?
i was thinking as everyone is doing collaborations now it might be fun to mix the blogging up a bit
and i always find your opinions interesting

Lana said...

1: On this months cover shines: Agyness Deyn. I discoverd it by accident, because I was looking at the previous issue of Vogue and kinda bumped into this one.
2: The only red head supermodel I know is (I don't even know if her name is right) Karen Elson.
3: The first answer that hits my mind was Britney. After all that crazy stuff that she has done, I think this would fit in perfectly!
4: I guess it's the model on the right. Stupid, I know the names of the other two models but her name starts or ends with Rodha or something :$.
5: This I know. LaFemme wrote a post about the clothingline from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
6:This I know too (yoehoe! :P) It's Mischa Barton in those hidious high pants that don't even suit her! And glitter, common!
7: I read something about it, but don't know. I take a pick on Gap. It's sounds ridiculous I know... Or is it Topshop? No I'm staying with Gap ;).

This quiz was very fun! You should do it more often and I will def take part at it again and again and again :P!

alluretone said...

2.gisele budchen
5.the row by olsens
6.mischa barton

fun stuff.

-S said...

what a freaking awesome post love it!
let me see if i can answer them...
1. agyness
3. kate moss
5.mary-kate ashley olsen
pathetic. i know.

Pret a Porter P said...

2) giselle
5) olsens, the row

Teresa said...

1. Agyness
2. Gisele. Still thinks shes too commercial-sexy to be the face of YSL but oh well. But at least Inez and Vinoodh are shooting it so I'm good.
3. Erm, kate moss? She was in the topshop windows aha.
4. Hilary Rhoda. I heard the models got paid 10,000 dollars to de the today show. Rumour I think it is.
5. The Row
6. Mischa
7. Chloe
Oh and for my title graphics I messed around with adobe photoshop a bit much aha.

Mash said...

When will we know the answers ? and also the "winner" ? can't wait !!!! HURRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol :p

T said...

sooo gonna win this!

1. agyness dean
2. Giselye bundchen
3. Kate Moss
4. these three all walked in the show
5. the row
6. Mischa Barton - ugh i hate this outfit
7. Chloe