Friday, April 03, 2009

ernest hemingway meets diane keaton

An outfit to inspire:

Where are you from?:
Ellicott City, MD

How would you describe your style?:
Ernest Hemingway meets Diane Keaton

School, Year, Major:
CAS, Senior, Art History & Journalism

Private school shirt - roommate stole from a little boy..

nabbed from stylespotted


Annie said...

absolutely brilliant. love the outfit.

hannah-rose said...

navy on navy is not something i would think would be good, but she pulls it off spectacularly. and ernest hemmingway meets diane keaton is one of the best descriptions of style since valentine fillol-cordier said that she dresses like coco chanel if she was kurt cobain's grandmother... :)


A. said...

genius! i love this look. especially those shoes. still need to find myself a pair...

& if im not mistaken i think those might be my forever 21 pants (!)


Anonymous said...

the description in itself i genius! love it!

Pari said...


Anonymous said...
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Daria said...

awh she is gorgeus
but looks exactly like a student of history of something
in this case art history but lol when i saw this i though, she must be like a future history teacher : )

Anonymous said...

cute outfit
i love your blog

Chantelle said...

omg i adore it.. hahah "roommate stole from a little boy"

Anonymous said...
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don'tsaynofashion said...

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Meghan and Lana said...

aw ed commented again aren't you lucky ! haha..
this lady has perfected the top bun....polygamist-chic?


Anonymous said...

She has a hint of Lykke Li to her. I love the softness about her look

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, great post